What Is My Pet Bass Doing?

Discussion in 'Advanced Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by vinnyAudi, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    So I've had Ralph for about a year now. He is a 12" Largemouth Bass. He has always been a happy camper. Well today it seems like he is trying to spit water out of the tank. He started acting weird 2 days ago and started staying at the end of the tank. He was fed yesterday and I hope the feeder fish didn't make him sick. He keeps opening his mouth up as if gasping for air.
    He has also developed what looks like a fungus on his back near his fin. I will try to get a picture of it. I did a 50% water change today and he is acting the same. Here is a video of what Ralph is doing. Please ignore the music. People were talking in the background. Any help and or advice would be great

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  2. Mike1995Well Known MemberMember

    i don't know if i can help, but feeder fish are a terrible diet for any fish.

  3. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    I try to use feeder fish just as supplemental food and I try to give them fish from their native habitats along with other stuff to offer them a variety. It has been raining here a lot and I have been unable to get minnows and frogs from the pond I get them from.

  4. EddieLNew MemberMember

    How big is your tank for Ralph?!

  5. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    55 gallon
  6. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    Very small tank for a largemouth. What temperature? It may be a bit warm. Warm water kind of takes away much needed oxygen from the water. Try adding an air stone and if you have an hob mabee lower the water level a bit to provide some surface agitation. This will provide more oxygenated water. It may make him breath a bit easier.
  7. FishKeeperRyanValued MemberMember

    What filter do you have? Im thinking you need alot of filtration for the bass
  8. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    Yeah I am afraid Ralph might have outgrown his tank. I believe the temperature is around 72 degrees. I can try to lower the water temperature, I just noticed that Ralph is more active when it is around this temperature. I have a bubble Stone in the middle of the tank in the back. I will be getting a larger one shortly
  9. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    I see you have a small tetra whisper filter in there. Is that all you have for filtration?
  10. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    I would have to check when I get home for the exact model. I sized it for the tank, making sure to get one that was adequate for a 55 gallon tank. I want to get a UV light filter but they were $75 so I'm saving up for that

    Yes that is the only filter in the tank currently. Do I need more than one?
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  11. EddieLNew MemberMember

    I’d say a 55gal is way too small for a foot long largemouth (regardless of your filtration), plus you have 2 bluegills in there? Both species are awesome fish, but the largemouth is definitely not okay in there. Plus, they grow incredibly fast, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.
  12. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    Yea I'm pretty sure the largest tetra whisper is the whisper 60 which gives 240 GPH. What you need in an hob for a 55 gallon is 550 GPH. What are your parameters. Ammonia, nitrite ,nitrate? What other fish are in with him. I'm sorry to say but these guys really need a far larger tank then this or they will be stunted.
  13. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    I see.

    I do believe that is the filter I have. I am kind of new to aquariums so I just bought the one that said it was right for the size of tank I had. And I am not a hundred percent sure for my parameters. I will check those when I get home. Normally I have my little sister take care of that stuff because she is the "fish girl"
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  14. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    That's ok we all had to start somewhere. Do you have a pond? I assume you got these fish from the wild? It may be time to return them to the wild. We can help you get your tank straightened out and help you chose some fish that can live there whole lives comfortably in your 55 gallon. Unless you want to get a 300 gallon for your current stock?
  15. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    I fish a private pond locally to me (where Ralph was born) and also have a 200 gallon Rubbermaid pond in the back yard that the fish started in (before it started freezing here. I moved and purchased this tank)
  16. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    Ok so what are your future plans?
  17. 2211NighthawkFishlore VIPMember

    Do NOT release it!
  18. vinnyAudiNew MemberMember

    Well, right now I'm not quite sure what my plans are. I'd like to keep Ralph, but I know he is out growing his tank. He just have never acted like this and it concerns me
  19. Mike1995Well Known MemberMember

    yes, it may be wise to invest in a canister filter and maybe a 125g or bigger tank. I fish a lot, for bass and all. Largemouth especially get very big. And will need lots of room. Either that or maybe locate a pond that someone might have and see if you can rehome it there. Just be sure that if you do put your bass back in any outside body of water, that it doesn't have any streams leading out or into it. You don't want a fish that's been in captivity to be released into the wild.
  20. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    Right now it simply looks like an oxygen issue. Mabee we'll know more after your water test results.
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