What is my fish?

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    Hi! My family and I have kept various freshwater fish for several years. Almost a year ago I purchased four small fish for the tank. Three of these fish have since died, leaving only one.

    I would like to know what type of fish the remaining fish is so that I can purchase more so that my little guy (or girl haha) is not alone in a large tank with other fish who swim together in groups.

    You can see the fish in the photo I have attached. It is not the glass catfish that can be seen in the background. The fish I want to identify is the lovely fish with the black vertical stripes. It's colours are more vibrant in person, with it almost having a light purple hue in some areas.

    As you can tell from my lack of jargon, I am very much a beginner! Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you! :)

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  2. hampalong

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    Barbus fasciolatus, the African Banded Barb.

    Welcome to the forum. :)

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