What is going on?!!!?

  1. Molly105 Member Member

    [​IMG] plz respond ASAP! my Mollie acting strange, breathing hard and hanging still at the bottom of my tank, but every couple seconds she moves around a ton?! What's going on!
  2. peregrine Member Member

    HI, what are your water parameters? If your molly is doing that she is definitely not well.

    Just curious ((hard to see in the photo)) are her scales sticking out like a pinecone?
  3. Molly105 Member Member

  4. peregrine Member Member

    How large of a tank and what are the water parameters
  5. Molly105 Member Member

    The tank is 20 gallons and large. She just hides behind a plant and I have 5 mollies total
  6. peregrine Member Member