What is going on with my tank?It just wont complete cycling!

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by yogosans14, Jul 20, 2015.

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    Ive been using Tetra Safe Start (ive used 2 bottles already) in my goldfish tank (it only has one fancy in it atm). Anyways my readings are always .25 ammonia 0 nitrites and .40ppm nitrates (they dropped to .20 today idk why) and today its weird im not sure if my test kits were messing with me but my ammonia was showing 2.0 ppm ammonia this afternoon now its showing .25 again. I had to treat my tank with ich and I used some meds from petco, I used a old carbon bag and put it in my filter for 24 hours (that was 2 weeks ago) to get rid of the remaining meds and I did some 50% percent water changes but I wonder is it possible not all of its removed?Because the meds are what crashed my cycled to begin with. Please help!
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    Meds will frequently mess your cycle up. I personally would just be patient and let it cycle on it's own. Watch your readings and do water changes when needed.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    API test tubes. Also the first bottle I added it when my ammonia was too high (4.0 ppm) so that might have effected it and I added a second bottle when my ammonia was low enough but it's been like 2-3 weeks and I'm not seeing the results I have in my other tanks that I've successfully used TSS with. Maybe my goldfish is producing to much ammonia?

    I would but I'm scared it will mess with the TSS
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  5. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    That's usually what happens when the bioload of fish is more than is appropriate for the tank size they're in.

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  6. yogosans14Valued MemberMember

    He's in a 20 gallon long
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    You could try and use Seachem stability, I know people like to use that because from what I know it can be used with Seachem prime. As Butterfly said though, using meds can mess up your cycle and since you dosed your tank with Ich meds, that might have messed up your cycle.
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    TSS added at the beginning when you add the fish woeks really well. adding it after fish have been in the tank a while doesn't work as well. It takes a bit for the beneficial bacteria to grow to the point it can take care of the bioload at that moment but the fish are constantly adding to the load.

    Meds added will kill the beneficial bacteria thats trying to grow. The TSS is most likely dead. but there should be BB trying to grow. It will take longer to cycle.

  9. yogosans14Valued MemberMember

    The meds I finished adding were 2 weeks ago plus I did multiple WCs before adding Safestart so I don't think that's the problem here...I think my goldfish is just a massive waste producer
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    Goldfish are massive waste producers! Pretty but very dirty.
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    Goldfish in general, yes they are massive waste producers. However if you did water changes before you added TSS 2 weeks ago I think you'd be seeing nitrites by now.

    If your goldfish isn't showing any signs of ammonia poisoning then I would wait 1-2 weeks and see if it's still the same. If it is then IMO TSS might of stalled.

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  12. yogosans14Valued MemberMember

    My goldfish doesn't seem to showing any ammonia poisoning signs. I wonder if moving a cycled sponge filter to the tank would help with the .25 ppm ammonia..
  13. GekcoWell Known MemberMember

    A sponge filter should help a bit since the sponge will have loads of BB on it.
  14. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Have you tested your pH level. As the pH drops below 7, ammonia strats turning into much less toxic (some say non toxic) ammonium. By the time the pH gets close to 6 just about all ammonia becomes ammonium. The problem is that ammonium is not a very good food source for the bacteria and your SafeStart bacteria may actually be starving off due to this,