What Is A Prediction Of The Color My Fry May Be?


I am new to breeding Betta fish and I think I have some very common bettas. I have pictures below but the male is silver with turquoise and red fins. The female has a black face and the rest of her body is a dark blue. I have been researching the breeding process and will also be transferring them to more equipped tanks after the process. I have been reading that determining the colors of your fry is close to impossible but does someone have any experience with these colors of bettas and have a good prediction of what colors my fry might be? Also what is a reasonable estimate of the amount of fry that will hatch and survive? Thank you, and if I am wrong on any of the info above please me know so I can correct and not hurt the process or my fish




Colour can be predicted up to a certain extent. If you got the parents from a pet store, then it becomes less predictable because they're usually mass bred and have unknown genes. This may help a bit:

If I remember correctly from somewhere, the blue and red colouration is the most dominant. That's what I would expect most fry to be. Demeter is more experienced.


Repolie hit it right on the head.

The genes from pet-store Bettas are so jumbled that it really is almost impossible to tell. Pet store bettas are sold strictly to be pets, not to be bred. They don't care about "perfect" lineages or color quality. They just want as many Bettas in their store as possible.

I wish you luck. If the fry take after the colors of the parents, you should have some very pretty bettas. I hope that is the case!
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Repolie and Brenden , thank you so much for the info. It was new to me and helpful!


The only way to know for sure what colors you’ll get is to know the background of the parents and to cross similarly colored fish. There is no way to know the background of pet store bettas and your pair isn’t the same color.

You’ll probably get mostly blue with some mixed blue/red and perhaps a few light colored young. Depending on how good a father the males is, how many eggs are laid and how well you take care of the fry when they are free swimming, prepare for a good 0-100 fry for the average first time breeder. My first few spawns failed completely and my first successful spawn resulted in a whopping 14 fry. Now I average about 40 which is fine by me because 100+ is way too many.

I honestly don’t breed for specific colors. I try to stay away from breeding reds simply because red is hard to breed out. Looking at the two males below few would guess they are father and son, that just goes to show how breeding different colors without knowing the background of the pair can give you something quite different than the parents.

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