What is a pond snail really?

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    Taitertot Valued Member Member

    I like pond snails in moderation and have gotten pretty good at controlling them. What I really want to know if anyone knows the species and native distribution/range of them.
    The typical under a half inch pond snail is what I'm thinking. I can't figure out how to post a picture from my phone. And on a side note my other snail question is do you know if olive nerites reach the Atlantic side of Florida?
  2. OP

    Taitertot Valued Member Member

    Figured it out by googling bladder snails. And found out olive nerites are on the Atlantic side too.
  3. shelleyd2008

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    Pond snails are either of the Lymnaea or Physa genus. Physa snails (bladder snails) have hair-like antenna while Lymnaea snails (pond snails) have antenna that look like horns. The Lymnaea are also much bigger. I know we have both in the 'wild' here in southern KY. I don't know where the ones in the 'pet' trade originate from, there are many different species.