What In The World Happened To This Glofish

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by BeanFish, Apr 6, 2017.

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    My mom went to a friend´s house and came back with a glofish in a 500 ml bowl, her friend is going on vacation. The friend told her that she had other 4 fish in there but that they died (no breaking news there). Anyways, supposedly they had just fed (probably they meant overfed because the tank was full of flakes) the fish when it came home to me (I guess my mom told her that I keep fish and so she thought it was a good idea to ask her to care for the fish while she was on vacation).
    Anyways... I freaked out when I saw the fish lol but I did not get a close look at him. I netted him and moved him to a 1lt bowl with clean water while I setted up the tank (AKA a plastic tub where I have quarantined some fish).
    I think the fish had ammonia burns or something because her gills were super red. I am gonna probably gonna give him a methylene blue bath tomorrow, I dont want to move him around anymore until he settles down.
    Anyways, he is in the tank and he does not look like any fish I know. Here is an screenshot from a video I made, I think it is clear enough to see his spine is kind of weird, he also lacks a dorsal fin. What in the world happened to this glofish? Any diagnosis? Tomorrow I am gonna start feeding him my homemade food so hopefully he will get back on his feet.
  2. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    Wow. He looks horrible! Is it a Tetra or a danio? It's hard to see clearly on that photo. Does he swim ok? Does he have a tail fin?
  3. WhiteCloudMinnowsValued MemberMember

    ??? about the fish. I wish that I could help. (And because I'm curious; How do you make homemade food?)
  4. Cori ElizabethWell Known MemberMember

    could've been bullied, could be bad water quality. it doesnt sound like a disease
  5. BluMan1914Well Known MemberMember

    @BeanFish, looks like a Tetra to me as well.
    Let us know about your homemade fish food. Unless it's a top secret recipe that you don't want to give away!!
  6. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    I looked at him and he does have fins, they are just transparent.
    I am treating for ich in my 2 tanks and I would have put him in the 10 gal so if he just stays this 5 days with me he gets to know what a proper fish tank looks like but I am using salt so I think I would shock him.
    At first I thought he was a deformed danio because I thought that the only tetra variety of glofish is based on whiteskirt tetras. I dont think it is a disease neither.
    He was with other 4 fish in that bowl, so maybe they bullied him. I feel sad for the fish, my friend has two kids and I think they just got them because the kid saw them at a fish store and started crying for the fish. Basically, an impulse buy which is mean, fish are not objects or decoration, they are sentient beings. I am gonna give him a methylene blue bath tomorrow, what do you guys think about that? I dont see any signs of bacterial/fungal infection but I think Methylene blue is just magical lol, and he probably has some ammonia burns so it will help. I hope I convince her somehow of either helping her out setup a well sized fish tank (I can give her cycled media just so no fish die), giving me the fish or maybe I will just say it died and keep it.

    My homemade food is pretty basic but I think it works, I dont know why but my sick fish are doing fine. I had a sick Molly in the past that had ich, she acted pretty lethargic and I was scared she was gonna die, she was on a diet of flakes and peas here and there. Now she has ich again and he is doing perfectly fine, swimming around and acting like a healthy fish.
    Here is my recipe, you guys can probably add more fish or shrimp and less veggies but it is my experience that Mollys need A LOT of vegetable matter to thrive and not get constipated. I thought they got constipated because my flakes sucked but I kept my tiger barbs for a month on that flake diet and none of them got constipated so who knows.
    Anyways, I am right now trying out: fish, peas, carrots, spinach and garlic. I just chop up everything well, specially the veggies, put them in a bowl and mix them for about 5 minutes until you are left with an homogeneous mass. I just freeze it and defrost it when I need, making sure to give it a last big squeeze in my hands before throwing it into the tank.
    I may sound supersticious but I think it is the garlic that helps them so much, my LFS guy which supposedly is a biologist and has kept fish for 35 year (supposedly because I have no way to be sure, but he does look knowledgeable and I am yet to see a dead fish in his store so...)told me to feed my Mollys garlic when they first got ich (he also told me to raise the temperature) I also talk with him about fish from time to time and he always talks about garlic as the ultimate cure. I dont believe garlic can replace meds, but boy does it help.
    Once that foods ends I am probably gonna get more fancy and add gelatine and stuff into the mix lol.

    I forgot to say, what kind of tetra do you think it is? It certainly isnt the common white skirt type they sell as glofish.

    He is swimming around and acting relatively normally, I say relatively because he looks kind of weird when he is swimming around due to his body shape. I am letting him stablish and will probably give him my magical homemade food tomorrow to see if it helps him out lol.
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  7. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    My first guess is a glofish Tetra (white skirt) not a danio. I've kept both and although he is a bit deformed, he looks more like a Tetra. My guess is that if he is able to grow his fins back, you will be able to tell better then. One of my tetras is a bit of a special needs guy and his fins are different than my other glofish tetras. But his body shape is the same, he is just quite a bit smaller.

    I guess you will figure it out in the next few days. Thank goodness you know what you are doing. Poor guy!
  8. BluMan1914Well Known MemberMember

    I believe it is the garlic that is making them go crazy for your food. A lot of members here like to use peas with a little garlic to entice their fish to eat.
  9. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    The garlic definitely makes them go crazy, they love it, but it is the one thing appart from peas which all my homemade foods have had so I want to believe that appart from tasting well it boosts up their inmune system by A LOT. People said garlic boosts their inmune system but boy, I did not thought it was this good lol.
    Ill see how the fish goes, theoritically he is gonna stay 5 days with me and then go back to torture and ultimately death which does not sound good, I cant imagine going from 500 ml to 40lts just to go back to that prision a few days later. Hopefully his fins grow bigger. I am gonna do the methylene blue bath just in case bacteria are messing with his fins.

    I kept 2 Mollys in a 10 gal tank, now that I upgraded them to a 36 gal they are swimming back and forth using all the tank so I know fish love space. Sadly I have to move my only 2 females (I thought I bought 4 females so I was gonna have 5 females and 1 male but apparently I am blind or something and it turns out they were 3 males and 1 female lol) back to the 10 gal because I dont want them to get harrased to death. I am planning on upgrading them to something better tho, hopefully after I get a job. I find the idea of having my males and females in separate tanks amusing, I choose who breeds with who, kind of playing to be god lol.
    Anyways, long story short, fish love space, garlic is the best thing ever, I want to breed all my fish and hopefully I can somehow make that glofish´s life permanently better.
  10. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    How is the fishy doing today?
  11. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    Thanks for asking.
    He is doing fine, I went to my LFS today because my Molly had fry and I needed a heater for them, I am starting to think it is a deformed Danio, there were some similar fish at the fish store but without deformed spines.
    I said I was gonna give him a methylene blue bath today but everything went crazy with the fry. I am gonna give him methylene blue baths and I am considering giving him medicated food too, I am treating my 2 tanks with metronidazole for internal parasites and ich and I may feed him some medicated food after the Methylene blue baths to make sure he is as clean as I can get him to be.
    I am gonna show the owner my 2 tanks, a 10 gal tank which I am rescaping tomorrow once I get some plants I need (I had to take everything out so I could net the fry) and my relatively new 36 gal tank to see if I can get the owner to buy a proper tank for the fish or to see if she just realizes how cruel it is and decides to give me the fish.
    In case she decides to give me the fish I guess I would add him to the 36 gal after a long quarantine, the fish is not going to be as happy as he could because he is a schooling fish but it will definitely be better than the bowl lol.
    And in case she takes the fish back... well, I gave him the best 5 days of his life :(
  12. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    I would bribe the friend to keep it. Tell her you will make her a favorite meal or something lol I bet she will be relieved to be rid of the fish.

    I looked at that picture again, and I agree it is probably a danio. They are cool little fish. I was sad when ours died. We had a single one for 2 years, he lived in a 1.5 gallon non heated non filtered tank, and surprisingly every other fish we added died right away lol. He was a tough guy though. Named him Lincoln. He ended up dying once I put him in a 5 gallon with a filter and heater. Definitely a shock to his system after 2 years of abuse. Poor Lincoln. So glad I know better now.
  13. AllySaturnValued MemberMember

    His spine is curved? Does he have TB?
  14. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    Haha, if I rescue the fish I could probably go millionaire by making a film about it.
    Danios are super hardy fish but sometimes they are amazing. This one somehow managed to survive in that bowl that was probably less than a liter.
    Fishkeeping in Latinoamérica is sad, you can probably find 10 times more misinformation than truth so I want to believe she doesn't enjoy torturing fish or ignores good advice.
    Anyways, the fish is doing great, he bites at my finger just like my other fish lol. Maybe he is just thankful that I moved him from 500ml to 40 lts. If I keep the fish I wonder how thankful he will be when he is moved into the 36 gal.
    I had similar experiences with neglecting animals in my younger years. I love turtles, ever since I was 7 I would spend all my time reading about turtles. However when it came to keeping them I was such a horrible kid, I was a monster, I would not feed them, or change their water as it should be but boy would I cry whenever I had to throw the poor dead turtlesinto the trash can. Once a turtle of mine scaped and managed to survive the whole winter in the yard, I killed it after it was back in my hands. (poor care, probably the fact that a turtle did better in the winter that in my care is what haunts me the most)
    It just boogles me how responsible I became with animals when my empathy developed I have not kept turtles since then but I have given my fish the best care I can.
    To this day it annoys me that I killed all those turtles and that I can not go back in time to fix it. In an attempt to redeem myself I will probably build a turtle pond, buy some red eared sliders and set them free in my yard. I don't think it will erase the dead turtles from my mind but it will probably make me feel better lol.
    I think I should become a novelist LOL.

    Interesting and potentially life saving comment.
    I dont know, but I just red up on tuberculosis on fish and that fish is not getting anywhere near my tanks! I would probably have to quarantine him for 3 months before adding him to the tank if I get to take care of him. I want to believe he is just deformed.
    Thanks for commenting.
    This article was better than a horror story:
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  15. AllySaturnValued MemberMember

    Please don't put him near your tank atm
  16. AllieStenFishlore VIPMember

    Good catch @AllySaturn I wouldn't have ever thought that.
  17. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    I was not planning to move it to the tank ATM because quarantine and good fishkeeping practices but now that you put TB on my radar I am even more paranoic with all of this lol. Thanks (no sarcasm)
    I am quarantining for at least a month now, I cant imagine having to kill all my fish because TB decided it was time to ruin my life.
  18. AllySaturnValued MemberMember

    Also wear gloves when you touch him or clean his water. And sad to say I'd be concerned by his nipping you. Keep watch on yourself....

    If you had any open wound REALLY keep watch on yourself.
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  19. BeanFishWell Known MemberMember

    Most aquarium fish only have teeth in their throat and I don't have any cut in the hands so I think Im safe.
    If I feel bad or anything and go to the doctor the first thing I would mention is that I keep fish and tuberculosis so my surviving chances should be good.
    The thing that is starting to worry me is my sister, she is so naive and ignorant when it comes to fish, she likes putting her hands everywhere from tank to tank and while I don't mind her getting tuberculosis I do mind all my fish having to be freaking killed because my lovely sister cross contaminated all my aquariums.
    While TB is supposedly uncommon that fish was in horrible conditions so I don't know. I have been reading up on safe quarantine procedures, sterilizing aquarium objects to avoid cross contamination and I have been putting them into practice so hopefully if no one if my freaking family messes with my aquariums my fish should be fine.
  20. AllySaturnValued MemberMember

    I'm so sorry. Keep an eye on your tanks. At the first sign in any of the tanks remove the fish.