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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Stocking' started by Mundo, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. MundoNew MemberMember

    I am fairly new to the SWT game just to throw that out there. I have had my tank up n running for a week now just being paient and waiting for the cycling process to complete (which i have been told is about another week before i throw my "breaking in the tank fish") i have a FOWLR tank and my live rock have been in there for the same time as the tank has been running. I dont know the exact make of my filter but it is a very good filtration system. All in one its a Sump Refume type filter with a protein skimmer, canistoer, and wet& Dry hanging from the tank it filters 500 gallons an hour and has a side 3 gallon tank which we have filled with fresh conditioned water that automatically gets pumped into the tank when the water level drops which is very nice so theres no mess is changing the water every week.

    Now that you have a slight idea of what I'm working with this is whats going on and what i have in mind for when my tank is ready to accpet some new friends. But before we get to my idea i have encounted a slight change on the road. I have a friend whos a manager at a Local petland discounts store but he is good with salt water tanks and has two at home one saltwater fish only and one fresh water tank I have been retaing info from him (as well as whatever i can get online that makes sense to me) but everything he has told me has been a success he also stressed that the key was filtration which is why i spent so much on my filter system (grand total of $520) do u guys think it was worth it?....
    But while on one of my daily visits to see him to accuire some info. i spotted a green spotted puffer fish(fresh/saltwater. My son has a tank in his room (fresh water gold fish only) i thought of getting him one (how cool right) turns out i couldnt gold fish are to dirty and the puffer would eat them anyway. He did tell me i could throw the puffers into my tank even though my tank was only running for 4 days at the time i was nervous but he said they would be fine and that they would be nice starter fish instead of the demsals they were only 5 bucks soo i agreed (KNOWING THERE WAS A BIG CHANCE THEY WOULNDT SURVIVE SMH) he assured me it would be fine n that they were fresh water but really thrived in salt water soo i got two and they are doing great together they only have 3 days in the tank but they been eating well swimming well and they have lots and lots of personailty love to see what goes on outside the tank but are on the semi-agressive end. I research they get about 5 to 6 inches.

    I really wanted a more agressive tank that consisted of a Dwarf lionfish humu humu trigger possibly a snow flake eel as my main fish i had the thought of adding a valetini puffer since they dont get to big but thats not longer an opition, i now have thess two green spotted puffers do you think all this will work?...(n i do understand that the trigger is going to need more space as he grows i do have a 90 gallon tank just without the stand which is why i went with my 55 cause i had the stand soo i would upgrade once the humu strats to grow).....I have really taken a liking to the puffers soo i would like to keep them in there!!

    ALSO, any suggestions on what i can buy as a filter feeder something to clean the tank up a bite...I ask because the green spotted puffers eat everything its crazy from snails to cray fish to shirmp i dont know what to throw in there!!
  2. Harrison

    HarrisonValued MemberMember

    afew emerald crabs maybe or do they get ate buy puffers? black sailfin blennies are good clean up members but add them simultaneously as they are aggressive towards there own breed!
  3. OP

    MundoNew MemberMember

    yea they eat crabs to......i looked into the blennies and they seem to be good with everything but the lion fish maybe with a dwarf lion and bigger blennies im not sure i need to read and look at more options and what other people think....

    This can be fustrating but also very exciting im starting to realize that sometimes you have to take chances i read things and some people do the complete oppsite and it works and for others it doesnt its all about trial and error but everyones shared experience is great...
  4. Harrison

    HarrisonValued MemberMember

    Trial and error is a waste of money and good fish, seems like best thing to do i fu want a clean up crew to assist with cleaning is to make a choice between Lionfish and puffers but seems as though you already have puffers makes no sense to get rid. I say this because with puffers most inverts are out as they become meals and with lionfish they eat the smaller fish so id ditch the lion and get the blennies thats if u defo want a clean up crew if not just get the lion and forget about the extra help from clean up crew
  5. OP

    MundoNew MemberMember

    yea thats true fish dont come cheap and clean up crews can get costly... your right about the lion fish being that i have the puffers already, this whole tank has been a project that me and my dad have gotten into n hes all for the lionfish gotta talk him out of it, a little clean up crew comes in handy.....

    If i didnt do the lion and had the eel with the humu and puffers can i throw anything else in there or do u think my space is already to crowded up?
  6. Harrison

    HarrisonValued MemberMember

    im quite new aswell man just been doing lots of research :;tmi lol they say one inch of fish per gallon i think but u have to take into consideration the adult size of the fish when doing your calculations what type of eel were u thinking of again??

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