Help What Have I Gotten Myself Into... (tadpoles)


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Hello everyone! Well, I have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle here, and I need a bit of advice.

Recently, my aunt's serpae tetras have died off one by one, now there is only 3 left and they are the only fish in her 20 gallon. She decided that she was done with her tank and wanted it GONE. Fortunately for her and her fish, I live next door and would love another tank (I currently have a 10 gal planted tank with my betta, Mama snail, and all her mystery snail babies). So, we packed all her tank stuff up, plopped the 3 fish in a bucket, drained the tank, and moved everything to my house. Here's where the "tadpole" part of the title comes in.

My dad and brother came home from their fishing trip with a small container of not even a liter of water with at least 20 tadpoles. Why, you may ask? My brother wanted them. Now, my dad is a good man, but he doesn't really understand how aquatic life or an ecosystem works and wanted to just keep all of the tadpoles in the tiny container. I don't agree with wild caught pets, but we couldn't dump the tadpoles in our pond because it is all the way in the back of the 70+ acres of woods and snakes are starting to come out of hiding this time of year. So, not wanting them to die a miserable, ammonia-filled death in a tiny container, I acclimated them and plopped them right into the 20 gal.

What do I do now? The tank is fairly sparse because my spare plants were living in a bucket and dropped most of their leaves. Currently there are just a few wisteria stems that only have a few leaves on them and water lettuce floating at the top. There's also a castle decoration.

I read online that they aren't very picky about the temp so I'm keeping it at a nice 80 F for the serpaes and the tadpoles seem fine. I also read they are good to just eat algae wafers and various vegetables. Is this true? I don't want to go by any of the websites I have found because I know that most websites for bettas give out false information. What is the TRUE information about tadpoles? I'm not sure what type of frog they will become, but as soon as they become land dwelling we will let them go in our woods... or something. Please give me as much info as possible about general tadpole care. Thank you!


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Start preparing vegetables (like boiled lettuce and cucumber) for the tadpoles asap. They eat a lot because their goal is to transform as quickly as possible into a fully formed frog. I would also put something floating on top of the water that would hold their weight once they change! It'll sneak up on you, it happens surprisingly fast. Here's a good website:


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