What Has Happened To My Catfish? Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Mandamoo, May 24, 2019.

  1. Mandamoo New Member Member

    5A696651-AEC7-4A31-A23B-162CD937FECF.jpeg 1A59FFCB-A3F4-497E-B034-3A71D1C65C17.jpeg I’ve had this little guy for about a week and noticed tonight that he’s got some discolouration. What could have caused it? I have another one and his colour is fine. I’ve only noticed it tonight.

  2. Jeffsglo Valued Member Member

    Hello, And Welcome to Fishlore!

    There could be a lot of things such as water perameters, Is the aquarium cycled? Do you know about the Nitrogen Cycle? Ammonia in the aquarium is at high levels? What are you testing the water perameters with? Are you adding a dechlorinator such as Seachem Prime to dechlorinate the water before adding it to the aquarium? If you are not cyceled I would get some Tetra Safe Start Plus which is a Beneficial Bacteria that is needed to help cycle and establish your tank.

    Read about the nitrogen cycle, it will give you an idea of how the water ammonia changes to nitrites and then into nitrates. Also how much are you feeding the fish? Are you changing the water out? and how often? Are you treating the tap water before adding it to the aquarium? I use Seachem Prime.

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  3. Mandamoo New Member Member

    Thank you!
    The ammonia and ph are fine. Not sure about nitrates.
    It is cycled and I have 6 other catfish (different types) and a butterfly cichlid which all seem fine.
    I change out the water once a week and clean the filter the same and to be honest it’s about due.
    They’ve had a big job with algae so maybe he’s overeaten? He’s developed a huge belly too.
    I don’t treat the water as the tap water here is pretty good but I’ve started using Melafix.

  4. camste Valued Member Member

    But are you sure that there's no chlorine in the water? The tap water is in general good in Norway as well. (That's the reason why the bottled water is the most expensive in the world here. Nobody buys it unless they need to bring it with them somewhere.) Many water treatment plants here have UV sterilizers, but they still add a little bit of chlorine afterwards to make sure it's safe. Not as much as many other places, but still I use a dechlorinator. Better safe than sorry.
  5. Mandamoo New Member Member

    I guess you can never be sure. I’ll look into UV sterilisation and dechlorinator though. Thanks.
  6. Coptapia Well Known Member Member

    What species of catfish is that? Can’t tell from the pics, looks more like a Gold Sucking Loach (CAE). They do often get brown patches like that.
  7. Mandamoo New Member Member

    Yes, that’s exactly what it is but they call them albino sucking catfish here.
  8. DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Only thing is it isn't an albino.
  9. Mandamoo New Member Member

    Yes I’m beginning to understand that