What happens when a fat cat is left home alone and his dinner is late....

Discussion in 'lilirish' started by lilirish, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. lilirish

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    I got home about 1/2 an hour late today - and after feeding my cats I went into the back room where the tank currently is and find that my 16 year old and 17 lb cat had tore into the goldfish pellet bag.
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  2. Chicken farmer

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    LOL! thats sort of better than my cat. he will eat rubber bands and hair off the floor, when he's hungry. he also sneaks and eats the other cats food. he is on a special diet. now he is very fat! once he was hungry and at an earplug! luckily his old owner is a vet. she did surgery and removed it.
  3. OP

    lilirishValued MemberMember

    After pouring the remaining food into a tightly sealed plastic container and sweeping up what was on the floor to throw away (I had just used orange glo on the floors that morning and was not going to risk poisoning my fish!)

    I brought the bag out to take pictures of how many claw marks covered the bag - -and the 16 year old cat came over to brag and re-investigate, as did his accomplice, our little 3 year old "special needs cat"

    The 16 year old had just received a scolding and was staring me down when I started recording, the black cat is the 3 year old who we swear does the bidding of the 16 year old! (He can no longer jump up on counters, but we will find HIS favorite treat bag on the ground - we have seen him Meow, she comes running...its eerie)
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  4. MD Angels

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    Lol that's hilarious, cats are so bratty! My kitty does that with her cat treats. Lol
  5. pirahnah3

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    hahahahaha thats funny, as a former cat slave (cause lets just get serious they are not our pets its more of we are their pets) I gotta say thats funny, bet he enjoyed his snack lol
  6. Jayfeather9

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    My cat is soooo fat but luckily that far makes her to lazy to hunt, scratch and claw fish food to bits or any of that other mischief cats can get into!
  7. trailblazer295

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    Read a saying of a picture awhile ago that seems to fit, "Dogs have masters, cats have servants"
  8. jerilovesfrogs

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    yes, servant i am for sure to mine. lol, that is exactly what my cat(s) would have done. in fact the one weird, loner cat practically knocks me over when i go to the lower level to feed all the fish. she begs for wafers mostly and climbs on the little table where the fish food is....meowing and reaching. a few times i have left a wafer out, intending to use it later.....and when i go back to drop it in....it's gone :rolleyes: and i know where it went.
  9. MD Angels

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    Lol I'm surprised they would like wafers - fish flakes suree, but algae wafers? lol I guess its not too odd, my cat likes to eat plants.