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Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by InkWaffles, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. InkWafflesNew MemberMember

    I just made my account but i've been picking through these fourms daydreaming on what cool tanks I could set up for awhile now. Alright. I should get to my question.
    I had one fancy goldfish in a 20 gallon long. it was fine yeasterday, my mom says it was swimming around before she went to bed at 11:00 - ish. when i got home from school today my fish was very dad and stuck upsidedown to the filter. (aqueon filter rated to up to 30 gallons). so my question is, what happend? i thought these things were tough, and they would put up with a few newbie mistakes untill I had everything down to pat. I'm thinking some of the experts here would be able to point me in the right directon..... i'm going to try to cover every possible angle so this might get long.

    I had one pearlscale oranda (as it was labled in the store) who was about an inch and a half long. I've had it for almost three months in a twenty gallon long. the tank had petco brand plasic plants and gravel and a silk plant from a brand i cant remember. there were also some of those flat marble things from an art store. I didn't know to boil some of this stuff beforehand, bu it was all rinsed/soaked in hot water. I made a newbie mistake when i first got the fish and tried to put a betta in with it (oops) needless to say the betta wnet back to the store (thats when i decided to crack down on research). I've added Stress Coat and the Start Right to my water changes (a little less than 25%) and I try to vacum as much gravel as I can. By the time i had found out about the nitrogen cycle the tank had been set up for a mont and a half, and i figured gettng a test kit could wait untill after christmas if i kept up with water changes and such. The tank doesn't have a light or hood, which was something else i was going to invest in soon. I've been feeding the little goldie TetraColor flakes and something called "slow sinking goldfish granules" (i can't remember the brand, probably a generic). i have to say that I've probably been overfeeding a little, i tried to give it two small meals a day. The filter was mentioned above, I was worried about loosing benfitional bacteria and havent changed the meida. I was actually going to get more on the next trip to the store.
    Looking back, i realize that Sugar (the goldfish) hasn't been as active the las couple days as it usually is, although i didn't notice anything physcally wrong with her.

    I took a couple pictures, but i'm afraid they might not be much help because i had to take the fish out of the tank (the camera wouldn't focous on anything in the tank and as soon as we pulled the fish out of the tank the... umm... grossness came off). I'm gonna do my best shot at a before/after description. Sugar was overall whiteish, whith clear gill plates and a blue-grey mottled color by its tail and on its forehead (also something to keep in mind is that it had black irises -- did you know goldfish have eyeshine?). Dead Sugar had lost all its blue-grey and instead seemed to have an opaque white film covering its whole body. it looked like it had some white fuzzy stuff growing off it (including its pupil). its fins also had turned an opaque white, before the fins had been like anyother goldfish, slightly transluscent. the fins were all ripped up, but i figure that was from the filter. (did the pictures work.... i don't think they did)

    anyways. my friend got a couple goldfish from the same place, around the same time (probably from the smae tank). both are happy and healthy, and she has pretty much the same st up as i did. did i just have a bad fish? what killed it? what did i do wrong, if anything?

    Despite all thats happened, i'm not ready to give up on the hobby yet. I think i'll try again, and do everything as best i can. is there anyway to make this tank (and decorations, filter, ect.) safe for new fish?
    thanks in advance and sorry if i messed anything up
  2. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Hi Inkwaffles welcome to FishLore
    I'm really sorry about Sugar. When things go wrong, the first thing to check is your water.
    Do you know the redings for ammonia nitrite and nitrate?
    The stores will usually test for you for free.
    If he looked fine yesterday and was gone by today, I would guess the appearance after he passed would be decay. Being in water, they can start to look funky really fast.

    It's possible you got a bad fish, but lets rule out the water conditions first.

    Again, I'm really sorry you lost Sugar, but we're glad you joined.
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  3. Red1313

    Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    oh I'm sorry you lost your fish. <hugs>
    I have to second Lucy on needing to rule out water quality before everything else. I do have to ask though what's StartRight? Is it like cycle? Were you using it regularly or just once? How often were you doing water changes?

    As expensive and unnecessary as a test kit seems when you fish look fine, they really are the first line of defense for your fishes health. I admit on occasion I *may* slack on my Water Tests, but usually that comes back to bite you later. Especially if you slack on WC's at the same time... (ie the alage in my tanks is just scary, it's a maintenance nightmare, but it could have been a fishy health issue instead.)

    If the fish had been left in the water after death for awhile then it's impossible to say if the yuck-stuff was natural decay or COD.

    Welcome to Fishlore, I'm glad you're not giving up even if you've had a rough start.
  4. OP

    InkWafflesNew MemberMember

    alrighty...... i haven't taken the tank down yet so i'll see if i can get some water tested

    the start right is just water conditioner.... the pet store dude recomended it.... he seemed to know what was going on, or rather, he didn't tell me betta like cold water like the other person that works there.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2009
  5. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Betta's are tropical fish. They prefer temps closer to 79-80F
    Here's our Betta Care Guide
  6. shellbell4everWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore :)
    so sorry you lost sugar :( sounds like a pretty fish,
    Anyway get your water tested as stated above, and we'll proceed from there,keeping goldfish is a very rewarding hobby :) Don't clean out your tank until we know whats going on,it sounds like a cycle issue but we can't be sure till we get your water test results,by the way when you purchase your test kit we highly recommend the api drops instead of the strips we feel the strips are not as accurate :) the drops cost a little more but well worth it :) I hope you stay :) please don't be discouraged,we have all made mistakes in the beginning,but this is a wonderful forum for learning,and lots of friendly folk here :)

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