What fishes eat live insects and other meats

  1. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    Really want a insect eating fish that eat them alive or that eats other fish
  2. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    What size tank would you be putting it in? And I don't recommend a fish-eating fish, means no small tank mates and when feeding it feeder goldfish, there is a high chance of disease spreading to your fish from the goldfish!
  3. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    250 gallon so plenty of space.
  4. Avaismyfava1 Member Member

    Dwarf puffers LOVE snails and most go crazy for bloodworms and brine shrimp. They are super interactive and intelligent too.
  5. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    Already thought of that but my local fish shop does not sell them where else can I get them

    Also Petco and petsmart do not sell them I live in Erie pa
  6. Avaismyfava1 Member Member

    You can pretty easily order them online though. There is a site called ThatPetPlace that i would check.
  7. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    How much in totals for it shipping and itself

    Shipping is a lot do you know other fishes not a puffer

    Not a Oscar
  8. littleredridingmech Member Member

    Almost any fish will eat bugs if they're small enough to fit in their mouth, I feed one of my bettas fruit flies every few days. You could look into Oscars? I don't know much about them but they'd really appreciate that big space.
  9. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    Oscars eat insects, are big, and have a lot of personality.
  10. Beretta Initiate Member

    Any fish will eat insects. Very few fish in the hobby need to eat other fish. And the ones that will eat other fish, do not need them. There are much better food options than feeding a fish another fish.
  11. Plecomaker Well Known Member Member

  12. Grimund Well Known Member Member

    Why exactly are you looking for a fish like this?
  13. fishkeeper21 Member Member

    I think it's cool and I'm getting tired of other fish it would be cool to see a fish that eats live food