What fish to choose for my Aquarium

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    Hi there :)

    I am looking for some suggestions on what fish I can house in my 40 Litre Tropical Aquarium. (I have attached an image)
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    I do have a couple of fish in mind e.g. Tetras and guppies however I am totally open to new suggestions.
    I am also open to adding some new/different decorations if this would benefit any potential future fish.

    My tank has been up and running for only a week, so I am not looking to add any new fish yet until it has fully cycled. I am simply exploring what type of fish people may have had in a similar sized aquarium and what worked well/not so well for them.

    I really appreciate everyone's suggestions. :)
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    I'd probably do two female bettas(seperate tank), or two males, if you do males I'd put a lot of plants in front of the separator so they can't see each other. Be careful if you try shrimp, I tried ghosts with two of my bettas, one got stressed and would sneak up and bite them, the other would have killed them all in an hour. I'm not saying don't try it, just be careful, mien now have rabbit snails and get along fine.:)
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