What fish to add next? Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by gef21, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. gef21

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    Ok so my 38 Gallon planted tank has readings of 0 0 10 right now. I am starting to do research on what fish to add next.

    currently I have two gold gouramis (zero aggression between the male and female) and 4 albino corys.

    I know I should probably get the corys up to the number 6.
    -Do I have to add albinos or can I add a different kind?

    Besides the Corys what should I add?

    I was thinking Angelfish maybe.

    Oh yeah no neon tetras. Had such a pain in the **** time getting them to acclimate to my 10 gallon I never want to buy neon tetras ever ever ever again.
  2. bassbonediva

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    You can add a different kind of cory, no problem. They'll all school together. I love the panda cories and the peppered cories, personally.

    An angelfish might do okay in a 38gal, but I would be concerned about possible aggression between the gouramis and angel in such a small space since they are both middle to top swimmers. Gouramis and angels tend to be fairly territorial, so having them occupying the same swimming level in a tank that's not overly long where they could have separate territories might be a disaster in the making.

    Do you want schooling fish or a centerpiece fish or both? I think you could do a pair of rams (either Bolivian or German blue...although I've heard the Bolivians are hardier) and maybe a school of flame/Von Rio tetras and a school of leopard danios. I'd keep the school small, like 5 or 6 fish each.
  3. Prince Powder

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    How about harlequin rasboras? Just observe carefully as your gouramis may get territorial with new additions. If you are able to move a few things around a bit to break uptheir territories they should do a bit better with that.
  4. OP

    gef21Valued MemberMember

    thanks for the advice guys. I am really not sure if I want to add more centerpiece fish or if i want to add a school of fish.

    I am def going to add two panda cories to thank tank this weekend. Then test water and wait a week or two before or add anything else. I dont want to overload the bacteria in the tank.

    I was also thinking about adding red cherry shrimp or ghost shrimp. Most likely I would go for red cherry since I have a black substrate.
  5. Prince Powder

    Prince PowderWell Known MemberMember

    You might want to go for a larger species of shrimp, if any shrimp at all. RCS are really tiny and will more than likely become an expensive dinner for your gouramis.
  6. OP

    gef21Valued MemberMember

    thanks for the advice. Are ghost shrimp a better choice? anything you can suggest?