what fish should i put with my goldfish

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by whatsafish7, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. whatsafish7

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    I have a 10 gallon tank with a goldfish i won at the fair. well last night i bought a filter for its tank because i wanted to put a fish in my other tank in there but when i got home with te filter the fish was dead. Well now that i have a filter i was wondering if i watch the ynemonia levels what fish can i put in with it plz help????/// :'(
  2. Gunnie

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    Goldfish are cold water fish and also need lots of swimming space. Many folks will recommend that your first goldfish gets 20 gallons, and add another ten gallons for every goldfish you add to the tank. So by those standards, your tank is too small for even 1 fish. Also, this is based on the adult size of the fish, when you are figuring what to put in your tank, so you have some time to get a bigger tank. Generally though you plan from the beginning to put your fish in their permanent home instead of going bigger later, because sometimes that bigger tank never gets purchased. I would not put any more fish in that tank with your goldie unless you get a bigger tank. Then start researching other coldwater fish like some loaches and white cloud minnows. ;)
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    ok thanks. I won my goldfish at a fair and i had nothing to put it in so i bought a 10 gallon because i dident know how big it was going to get. Now that my fish has been in there a long time it grew to the size of the tank and is about 5 inches. I have a filter and the water in her tank is clean so cant i put a little fish in there i mean just to keep it company. I understand everything you have said but now that its not going to get any bigger cat i just put some small codwater fish?
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    No you can't put anymore fish in the 10G with the goldfish.
    Fish don't just grow to the size of the tank their in. Whats happens is waste produces Ammonia- Ammonia turns to Nitrites, Nitrites turn to NirtAtes. NitrAtes in large proportions are growth inhibitors(thats why daily water changes on fry). Your fishes growth will slow down but not stop and eventually it will be cramped in such a small tank.
    So buy that beauty a bigger tank ;) also when you buy it a bigger tank and some friends make sure they won't fit in it's mouth because it just might eat it's new found friends ;D
  5. OP

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    ok thank but im going to have to wait a little bit untill i get a bigger tank