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    Hi I am going to get a much bigger tabk soon (4 foot) I currently have a 50 litre (2foot) and I already know I want 2 clownfish but what fish should I get after them that will not be aggressive and are good looking and cheap
    I also want to breed the two clownfish what would be the easiest most effective way to get them to breed quickly? And what equipment would I need?
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    Hi, welcome to Fishlore :;hi1

    What's your intention for the tank? Will it be a reef tank, and if so, what sort of corals? What about inverts? There are many fish suitable and relatively peaceful for a 4 foot tank, it depends on other stocking though.
    Angels are great, but can nip at corals, especially LPS and SPS.
    Hawkfish are fun, but can devour inverts.
    Cardinal fish are very peaceful, and IMO, pretty cheap - this is due to them being captive bred these days.
    The smaller Tangs are pretty peaceful, and don't bother others (generally), however, can be perceived as expensive.
    Wrasses, like the six-line are also good options.
    Gobies/Blennies make interesting and fun additions.

    Breeding clowns, I don't have any direct experience, but the best start is to buy a mated pair - that is, a pair that have already spawned.
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    I want to start coral ones like torch, mushroom, and lots of flowy corals. I want to make it a reef tank that is once I get my new tank.