What fish is this?

  1. Karly1990

    Karly1990 New Member Member

    We have a 250L community tank
    3 female mollies
    7 small mollies ( 9 weeks old )
    2 Firemouth cichlids
    2 Kribensis cichlids
    8 golden barbs
    1 clown pleco

    2 Kribensis are a pair and are breeding. Female has been hiding in a cave for days, the male guards the opening.
    Everyone else is fine apart from the odd chasing from the male Kribensis when they go near the opening to the cave.

    We noticed 2 little babies the other day swimming at the top. We left them alone. Didn't see any again until a few days later when i opened the lid to feed the fish. I seen a tiny little baby. Took him out and put him in our spare tank to see what he was.

    My partner said "it's definitely a Mollie".

    I'm not to sure as he had stripes to begin with and he looked a golden yellow. So I'm asking everyone there opinions...

    1465825203571.jpg 1465825218895.jpg 1465825236274.jpg 1465825263638.jpg 1465825277437.jpg 1465825298405.jpg
  2. hampalong

    hampalong Well Known Member Member

    It's a Molly.
  3. BellatheBetta

    BellatheBetta Valued Member Member

    I would say it looks like a very young sailfin molly!
  4. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Agreed, it's a baby molly.
  5. OP

    Karly1990 New Member Member

    OK. Not sure we're the gold has come from. The 3 females are white and dalmation.

    Thanks for replies :)