What fish in your aquarium(s) have you owned the longest?

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Many people here have kept a variety of fish. But sometimes, because of compatibility issues or illness, we might lose certain fish. Sometimes we transition to different tanks. Other times our own personal interests may shift, which may affect our livestock selection.

For myself, my Rainbow Shark has been with me the longest.

I've had mine for around 3 years now. He's/she's about 5". It was with me when I started back up with a short-lived community tank to an African Cichlid tank to an American Cichlid tank until now in my 90 gallon. I dare say he/she is my "veteran" as it's lived with many different species of fish.

I've read a lot of threads with regards to Rainbow Sharks and Red Tailed Sharks. The aggression of this fish that many speak of, in my opinion, doesn't make it "dangerous" to keep with other community fish. Sure, they chase other fish around sometimes but mine never once killed anyone. Its level of aggression, essentially, was enough for my shark to "defend itself" in more aggressive communities.
Because they may be perceived as "aggressive", that asset makes the Rainbow Shark compatible in a variety of tank environments; they're not killers but they won't hesitate to defend themselves.

Due to its potential diverse compatibility, I really think they are one of the best fish in the aquarium hobby.

How about yourselves? One fish (or group) that's stayed with you the longest since starting (or restarting) this hobby?
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I had my oscar for probably around ten years. I miss him.
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I have a bosmani rainbow fish, had him for about 5 years now. I know rainbows should be in groups and all but I saw him in a Petco in really bad shape, by himself almost dead. So I bought him. took some effort but got him healthy. Hes happily living his life in my 20g long with 6 guppies

I know its not a fish but I also had a Guinea pig during my childhood. He lived about 13 years. Incredibly long for a small animal. he outlived our dog in fact.
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I had my oscar for probably around ten years. I miss him.

I thought about getting an Oscar once, but they're too popular. Everyone has one.

How big did he get?
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Around 14 inches. He blew the end wall out of my 75. He would bite too.
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Around 14 inches. He blew the end wall out of my 75. He would bite too.

Impressive. Well done. I love "tank buster" fishes!
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My neons. I've only been in the hobby for about 8 months though, they've been with me for 7 ish maybe?
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My Senegal bichir, Fossil! I've had him for almost 5 years now, and he's pushing a foot in length! Love the little dino-fish boy
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Since getting back into the hobby, my 2-3 (don't exactly know his age) year old betta Ven. He was a betta we bought from Walmart 1 1/2 years ago and, not gonna lie I'm shocked the little guy is still alive. We've moved dorms twice and moved out into a house with him, and he's still flipping. He went from a 2.5 to a 5.5 (happened in a week, as soon as we found out they allowed up to 5 gallon tanks on campus, just broke the rules a liiiiitle bit) to a 30 gal once we moved in here.

Love the guy to death though.
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I think my Red eye tetras I have 2 left but I don't think I had them when I switched over to my 55. So 2yrs or so.
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For me I have 2 of an original 6 Red Minor Tetras for 4 and 1/2 years now. My other fish I have had at least 3 years.
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I have a goldfish that’s going on 7 years
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The pair I've had the longest are my male Three Spot Gourami and my SAE. I've had them both for over a year and a half bought on the same day if I remember correctly. The Three Spot is about 5" and the SAE is about 6".
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I have a few very long lived fish- I have some bronze cories that were bought and had babies in 2008-2009, still have the babies and some of the adults (which were adults when I got them) so they are 12+ years old. The what I call babies just gave me some babies this year I thought that they wouldn't but I now have twins so cute- haven't had babies in years.

Also have some african long finned tetras 4" long bought as babies in 2008, started with 12 and am now down to 5 but they are also 12 years old.
They are holding up tank space but I don't have the heart to sell them so they will live with me until they die, both the cories and the tetras are also in species only tanks- I am very very leery of adding new fish and giving them some disease that they can't fight because of their age and lack of fish meds in Canada.
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I just got my new tanks up but last round I had a betta that lived bout 7 years......I think im meant more to communicate with animals then people because my bettas I have now "talk to me" nonstop and I do mean talk! lol one jumps out of the water and will let you hand feed him
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I think it may be my male Bolivian ram.. has survived everything that has been thrown at it. Got it june 2019.
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Ive had my blood parrot for about 20 years now. Shes still thriving and doing amazing
86 ssinit
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The fish I’ve had the longest are my clown loaches. Not sure when I got them it was that in between time. When I was learning how to successfully grow bba and just kept a tank cause I always had one. This pic is from 14 In a 30g but they were growing allready. And recently in there 90 now. So easy 6 maybe 8. Right behind them the 2 bosemani are about 5 and have given me 6 fry .
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I’ve had my goldfish for over 5 years. SUSHI!!!

He’s also my first and only fish for most of that time. It was a rewarding experience for me to struggle to learn how to keep fish, to try so hard to keep my cute fishy happy and healthy despite everything (he did get very sick at one point), constantly improve the quality of care I give him, and having it be completely worth it. He’s now a huge, chunky submarine that I will hopefully have for many years to come.
I also keep other fish and enjoy learning about and caring for them.

If he had died, I would not be keeping fish at all, because it took me a long time to become comfortable keeping him and gain enough confidence to keep other fish. He was my gateway into the hobby.

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