What fish glow under a black light?


Just to be clear the 'blacklight' used in glofish tanks is not an actual blacklight. Real blacklights are dangerous and can cause extreme stress and even death in fish. They're also not good to be around as a person either.
The lights used with glofish are literally just plain blue leds. Some are a mix of blue and white and have a switch that allows you to use either or a mix of both at a time.

No fish will 'glow' the way glofish do because they have been specifically made with a fluorescent protein gene. That being said, any brightly coloured fish will look different under a blue light. The lighter the colour the more they will seem to 'pop'. White fish in particular can seem to 'glow' under them. Glowlight tetras and danios will definitely look good under a blue light and may come close to glofish levels but generally won't be the same.
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