What Fish Get A Long With Guppies ?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Forums' started by 13fishy wishes, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. 13fishy wishesValued MemberMember

    I have a ten gallon with 3 male guppies I would like to get more fish of all different kinds and sizes . my mom will only let me use a ten gallon nothing bigger .any suggestion on how many and what fish I should get ?
  2. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    You can add another guppy or two, probably your best bet. Or keep the three guppies and add 3 Asian stone catfish.
  3. 13fishy wishesValued MemberMember

    Ok . if I where to get anymore than that would it be over stocking ?
  4. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    It would be overstocking. Do either
    4 or 5 male guppies
    3 male guppies
    3 Asian stone catfish
  5. 13fishy wishesValued MemberMember

    Okay thanks !

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