What Fish Can I Add to My Tank?


I have had a headache thinking about how I was going to get this to work.I have a 43 gallon tall tank.

I can't decide on if I want an angelfish only tank or a communtity tank with angels.
If I get the angelfish only tank I thought about getting 4 angelfish (and a few tank mates like corys, plecos, hatchets, and rams ) but that won't work because they will split up and breed. Is it possible to keep 4 female angels?

If I get the communtiy tank this is what I want:
2 Angelfish
2 German Blue Rams
4-6 Hatchetfish
8-10 Cardinal/Neont Tetras
3-4 Emperor Tetras
4-5 Black Neon Tetras
1-2 Pearl Gourami's
2-3 Cherry Barbs Platy's
Cory Cats
1-2 Siamese Algae Eater

Obviously I can't squeeze them all in, so what combination out of these fish would be best. I want
1 Centerpiece fish
1 Bottom/Glass cleaner
1 Surface Dweller fish
1 mid-sized fish (Gbr or Gourami)
1-2 different schooling fish species
1 other


Angels are so hard to sex that there is really no way you can guarantee yourself 4 females. It just isn't possible. If you want to get more than 2, it has to be 4 because 3 is a bad number for angels. What are the dimensions of your tank? Because 4 might be pushing it with your tank.....

If you want more than just angels, make sure you don't get any fish that are fin nippers. I don't have experience with most of the fish you listed. But I do keep cories and BN plecos with my angels. A good non-nipping schooling fish are Harlequin rasboras. I am also a fan of ghost catfish in a big school.

As far as algae eaters, I suggest you stick with nerite snails because they are the BEST algae eaters you can get and you will have more fish options if you just do snails for your "algae eater". You will not regret it!
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Ok. I'll stick to two angels, but is there a way to prevent them from breeding, because I don't want them taking their aggression on the other fish.


Hatchet47 said:
Ok. I'll stick to two angels, but is there a way to prevent them from breeding, because I don't want them taking their aggression on the other fish.
They may never pair up at all. Even if they are male and female. They might just not be "attracted" to one another. You would just have to wait and see. If you get them when they are small, you will have a while before you have to worry about that.

The problem with angels is it is always a gamble. Two angels can live together peacefully for a year....and then one day....they just hate each other and no longer get along. You will always be faced with the potential of having to rehome one of the angels if that ever happens...

You also may have two angels that get along for life AND don't pair up. You just never know until you try.

The question is whether or not you want to take the gamble and face having to get rid of one (even if it is years later)
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I'm told angels can be mixed with guppies and neons when the angels are young, and when they grow up they either eat them or get along with them. What are my chances of them getting along.


Not good as far as the neons go. I have seen tanks that had guppies with angelfish as a source of live food when the guppies have babies the angels will eat them and it is done that way on purpose. Harlequin rasboras, cherry barbs, black neons, glowlight tetras would all be fine with angels. They are however all schooling fish and need a minimum of 6 of their own kind and not three or four of each. Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. Alison

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