What filtration to choose

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    IlovePuffers New Member Member

    Im thinking on getting 55 gallon FOWLR saltwater tank. But I have no idea on the filtration I should use. Skimmer and HOB? Just Skimmer or do I need a skimmer if I have HO? Or do I need HOB if I have Skimmer. Like I said I don't have a clue
  2. zcpetty

    zcpetty Well Known Member Member

    Hi! I am a newbie with this as well! I have been talking with the owners of a fish place on this very subject. I am still unclear as to the use of a skimmer 100%, but i do know that it depends on the size of the tank and the type of fish. For example: I am doing a 20 gal long tank. I was told to use a filter that is bigger than 20 gal and that if i was using live rock with a good filter that a clown fish or two wouldnt require me to get a skimmer. I think it depends on how much waste your tank is creating. My understanding is that if you have a lot of biological waste that gathers is the foam at the top you will need a skimmer or two. Like I said, I am still learning like you, but that was the answers I received. If a more experienced person could answer the question or correct me if im wrong I think Ilovepuffers and I could gain from it.