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have read a lot of other threads and info on the internet about filters and I'm confused!!!!I have a very small tank and just wanted a couple of goldfish just to start with but have no clue what filter or kind of filter to buy please help!!!!


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If you have a very small tank you should get a betta. There are a few different filter options for small tanks. WHat kind of tank is it?


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Goldfish should be in larger tanks with very good filter systems.
If you have a small tank you need to look for another type of fish.
As Jaysee said a Betta is a good place to start as long as your tank is
2.5 gals or bigger.


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Excellent advice above. Any tank smaller than 10gal (US), is really only suitable for a single Betta or a couple of other more specialized fish.

If the tank is 10gal (US) or less, then an air driven sponge filter would probably offer you ample biological filtration. They only cost a few dollars & are availble at any LFS or Petstore.


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I have moved your thread to the Filters/Filtration section of the forum to help you to receive more responses. Too, it will help others in their search should they have the same issues.

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