What Exactly Should I Be Feeding My Damsel?


So a varied diet is the best way to feed the majority of fish, I know that. But what exactly should I be feeding my 4-striped damsel?

Right now, I feed a few chunks of frozen shrimp and frozen clams every two days, and he seems to really enjoy it. But I also see him grazing on algae growing in the tank, and with the knowledge of "damsel gardens" on the natural reef, should I be feeding him any NorI or algae-heavy foods?

I've read around on this topic quite a bit, and I know that a lot of people do feed NorI to their damsels (along with a meaty food), but I'm just wondering if it would have any significant impact on his health if I did or didn't.

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I'm gonna assume that since I didn't get a response, it's nothing terribly important either way. I'll probably pick up some NorI sheets and try it out!

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