What exactly is a sump ?

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Hey guys I was researching getting a saltwater tank, and I'm not sure what exactly is a sump. I think its a tank that goes behind or underneath the aquarium for filtration, mainly used in saltwater reef tanks.

If so what equipment goes in the sump and what all equipment do you NEED for saltwater reef tanks

Thanks for any replys.



Have you clicked on the word "sump" in your post? It's a link (and in blue!) and it might help you understand what it is.


First off I do not have a saltwater tank but I have been researching it a lot for the future. I would love to do saltwater once we get a house.

I've looked at stumps before and as I recall it's not really a filter. It's a container or tank that is below the main tank that holds extra water, and can hold filter equiptment. Here is a better explanation:

What you put inside the sump kind of varies from what I have read. That link also shows lots of different ways of doing a sump.
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"That person"

Okay thanks a lot I will read up on it.
And I too am waiting till I move (and since I'm a kid ...bet a job)

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