What else can i have in my 30 gal? Question

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    fishyluv Well Known Member Member

    Hi i have a 30 gal with 3 male guppies, 4 mollies (2 female, 2 male). I also have 5 Two week old mollie babies in a nursery tank inside the 30 gal. I also have 1 peppered cory cat. I am wanting to add a bn pleco for algae. Can i also add more cories so my 1 cory can have some of his own kind? How many cories could i add if i add a bn pleco? Also how many do i need to add at a time so i wont burden the bacteria colony? My tank is established, just want to keep it that way! Thanks all!
  2. e_watson09

    e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    I think you could add the BN and bump the cories up to 6 and oyu'll still be fine. I'd add them slowly tho. I'd do like 2 cories at a time and then do the BN last. I'd wait about a week between adding them.
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    fighter55 Valued Member Member

    Agreed. You could try a species of shrimp too. I'd think one species would get big enough not to be eaten.