What else can I add?

  1. D

    Dolphielov New Member Member

    I have 2 corydoas (getting more soon) and 7 neon tetras. The tetras need a (preferably) schooling fish to hang out with- currently, they just hang around to bottom all day. If I add 3 more corydoras, what else can I add that won't breed a bunch, like guppies?

    PS- It's a 20 gallon, in case you missed that.
  2. JessH18

    JessH18 Valued Member Member

    You could always get one German Blue Ram, or five or so Kuhli Loaches! Or if you want some fish that will help clean up your tank there are always Siamese Algae Eaters, we had two of those in our 29 gallon tank. Plus there are always shrimp to consider too. Amano shrimp will help clean up the tank, we had two of these in our 29 gallon. Or if you like the tetras there are always Cardinal tetras too. Lots of possibilities, the reason why I like keeping fish tanks!
  3. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd up the number of neons as they do better in larger groups, I wouldn't add siamese algae eaters as they should be kept in groups & get too large for your tank.
    Once you've upped the number of neons & corys you could have a pair of honey gourami, you'd be pretty much stocked then