What else can I add to my 10 gallon?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Seatown12, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Seatown12Valued MemberMember

    I am thinking of some stocking plans for my fish tank, and I dont know what to exactly do. I know for sure I want to have at least two otocinclus fish in there but I don't know what else to add. So far my stocking plan looks like this.

    10 gallon stocking plan
    2 Otocinclus

    What else can I add to this tank? I was thinking a betta but I don't have a back-up tank so I don't want to take a risk, I was thinking some albino cories but how many of them? I would like fairly hardy fish listed. Thanks.

  2. Chris123Well Known MemberMember

    For the albino cories i would get 3 or four because they like too be in groups

    But a small shoal of Zebra danios would do nicely :)

  3. CamilleValued MemberMember

    Maybe you should add some kind of tetra... If it were me I think I would stock it with:

    2 otocinclus
    4 black-skirt tetras
    4 black neon tetras

    I think that the black-skirts and black neons go very well together. They are both pretty hardy fish and I have never had bad luck with them. :) Otocinclus fish are peaceful so I would not pair them with lively danios...
    It's really a matter of personal taste, so I'm just going to name off a few different fish that might work well in your tank:
    Neon tetras
    Glowlight tetras
    Green Fire tetras
    Cherry barbs
    American flagfish
    Harlequin Rasboras
    Rummynose tetra
    Black Phantom tetra

    I hope this helps you decide,

  4. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    i think otos like to be in schools, and would want more than just 2.

    I wouldn't do cories and otos - they are both bottom fish, and then you are stocked without having anything up top. I just returned my danios today. I'm actually going to go against that recommendation for a couple of reasons: they swim fast and a lot, so need a lot of space, and also when there aren't at least 6, many people (including me) report aggression.

    I like 5 otos and 2 platies (or maybe 4 otos and 3 platies) - platies should be male only if you want to avoid fry, or 1 male and 2 females

    or 4 otos and 5 neon tetras

    or 4 otos and 1 molly

    maybe 5 otos and a honey sunset gourami or sparkling gourami? if you don't like the thought of livebearers or tetras?
  5. CamilleValued MemberMember

    Your suggestions are so much better than mine meenu! :D
  6. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    lol, some of mine were inspired by yours. ;)
  7. MaddieLynnWell Known MemberMember

    I'd do 4 otos, a dwarf gourami, and 2 male guppies. That would be a peaceful and colorful tank.
  8. CamilleValued MemberMember

  9. Seatown12Valued MemberMember

    Hmmm so far some really good ideas from everyone, thank you. I like the 4 otos, dwarf gourami and 2 male guppy ideas will they all be ok together with no fin nipping problems?
  10. CamilleValued MemberMember

    They should all be ok. I've had all of those fish together at one point in my tank and I never had any problems. ;)
  11. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Although most livebearers are peaceful, male guppies can be a little nippy when not kept with females. I have 3 in my tank, and absolutely love them. I would normally recommend them, except that just yeterday, one of them lost half his tail. I took the danios out of the tank, in case they were the culprits, but Shawnie thinks it may have actually been a guppy that did it. It's the only reason a guppy combo wasn't at the top of my list.

    edit: I was going to try your lists out on aqadvisor.com, but I don't know what filter you have,
  12. CamilleValued MemberMember

    Male guppies can get nippy with each other so you might want to get 1 male and two females or not get guppies at all.

    Here are the the best options I can think of:

    Option 1:
    4 otos
    1 dwarf gourami
    1 male guppy
    2 female guppies

    Option 2:
    4 otos
    2 dwarf gouramis

    Option 3:
    4 otos
    1 dwarf gourami
    2 pineapple platies

    Option 4:
    4 otos
    1 pineapple platy
    1 dwarf gourami
    1 male guppy
  13. MaddieLynnWell Known MemberMember

    I would definitely not get female guppies. They will overpopulate your tank in about 2 seconds flat! lol OK, maybe not that quickly, but you get the idea.

    I just remembered that you aren't supposed to keep only 2 male guppies together because the stronger one will pick on the weaker one. Maybe 4 otos and 2 dwarf puffers? Dwarf puffers are aggressive but they almost always get along with otos. The puffers would have to be 2 females or 1 male and 1 female though because 2 males will fight.
  14. CamilleValued MemberMember

    Actually no, guppies wouldn't over populate the tank if the parent guppies eat the fry... I have 1 male guppy and 3 females in my tank right now and one had babies but something ate them. Even if the fry did survive you could always make a profit and sell them back to your local fish store.

    Dwarf puffers are mean little fish and it would be bad if they attacked the otos plus It wouldn't be a very colorful tank... I would not recommend dwarf puffers for the inexperienced fish keeper because they are such picky fish.

    I think 4 otos, 1 dwarf gourami, and 2 female pineapple platies, the female platies are just as colorful as the males (bright orange) but you won't get babies and they won't fight. It would be a very colorful and peaceful tank, I'm 100% sure all of your fish will get along.

    Good luck to you and your fish!
  15. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    Since we are all recommending a slight overstocking, I hope there is good filtration, mighty! lol
  16. CamilleValued MemberMember

    I didn't think about that... I hope you have a good filter lol.
  17. Seatown12Valued MemberMember

    Well the filter I have is the Aqueon quietflow 10. Also i have been using the site aqadvisor with the 4 otos, 1 dwarf gourami, and 2 female platies and it said the stocking would be ok. But the thing is the female platies may have already been pregnant from the male platys in the tank in the fish store. I dont know is there anything else other than livebearers I can add with the 4 otos and 1 dwarf gourami?
  18. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    I would get male platies, not females, personally. I've never heard of a platy getting aggressive at all.

    As far as fry, if you just leave them in the tank, they will probably get eaten by the adults. It sound awful, but it is actually a free, healthy source of protein. Except that there are a couple of people who tried this and the fry took over their tanks. lol...

    I'd just go with the male platies.
  19. CamilleValued MemberMember

    The only reason why I say female platies and not males is because I have a red wag platy in my tank right now and I tried to get him a companion but he got really territorial and killed the male pineapple platy that I put in... I would say to get females because the worst thing that could happen is that they have babies once and they get eaten by the other fish. If the babies survive(I doubt they will) you could always just sell them back to your LFS.
    Platies are the most colorful option. Most livebearers are not aggressive at all but sometimes you get the super territorial male guppy/platy. That's why I'd go with females.
    BTW don't let us get you worried about fighting male guppies and platies, chances are if you decided to go with all males they would be fine as long as the fish are both equal in size.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2009

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