What Does Your Fish See?

  1. TheeLadyG

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    I was going to be putting some fish in my new tank soon, and I was curious... what is the view like from in there? So, I put my phone in a bag and made a little video!


    Now, what surprised me is just how good the view is from inside the tank. The tank we see from outside is not the tank your fish sees from the inside... seems there are a lot of misconceptions about a fish "fighting with its reflection" or "thinking it sees another fish" when, actually, there are not really any reflections at all from inside a standard rectangle aquarium. The only dim reflection my fishes might see are due to the black background I've added. It's like a huge bay window straight into your world!

    According to what I've read, goldfish have about a 15-foot clarity of vision (which is pretty good for a fixed-focus eye). That's a pretty clear view of everywhere in this room, pretty much! How cool is that? Even if you're just nearby your fish are spending time with you.

    Now you know!
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    Man it is bright in there! No wonder they suggest turning the lights off when acclimating fish... :wideyed:
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    such a great ideaa!!! very interesting as well
  5. OP

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    well also keep in mind that my phone was trying its best to auto adjust between challenging lighting of black gravel and white columns, haha..
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    Oh man, now that I know that goldfish have internal ears, I know striking the glass is so awful for them :bigtears: