What Does A Hungry Betta Look Like? Question

  1. Mmmph

    Mmmph Valued Member Member

    I got a betta from petsmart a week ago. He is quite active and often pecks at the leaves and gravel in my tank. There are some tiny flea-like critters that dashes around my tank, as well as a few other unidentified tiny organisms. I’m not sure if this betta is feeding himself off of these organisms, but he never pays attention when I feed him fish food (tried Aqueon betta food, tubifex worms, and tropical flakes so far). I tried pushing the food to him with a toothpick, but he’d just wander off. Since the betta is from petsmart, I doubt he was spoiled on frozen bloodworms and such. So is he just not hungry?
  2. Repolie

    Repolie Well Known Member Member

    The betta probably got spoiled after being in a tank with live foods that stimulate his natural instincts to hunt and seeing a unmoving food made him uninterested. Try getting a grindal worm culture, the moving worms should make him tempted to eat. A betta that has associated you with food, tend to do a "wiggle dance" up against the glass or look like they're begging you for food. That's what a hungry betta will usually look like, though many of them are just gluttons and will eat until they die.