What do your family and friends think of your tanks?(poll)

What do your family/friends think of your aquariums?

  • They love them and get right in to it.

    Votes: 13 11.7%
  • They like them and think they look pretty.

    Votes: 50 45.0%
  • They don't really care/don't notice.

    Votes: 16 14.4%
  • They think they are taking up to much space.

    Votes: 5 4.5%
  • They hate them and are grossed out by the concept.

    Votes: 1 0.9%
  • They think im crazy and fallen off my rocker!

    Votes: 26 23.4%

  • Total voters


What do your family/friends think of all your aquariums?


they think I'm nuts, gone over the edge, and ready to commit me!!!!! which I said is perfectly fine (I need a vaca from these NON fish family/friends who are totally off the wall) just feed my fish ;D
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They think I'm crazy isn't an option. That's the one I would choose.
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Lucy said:
They think I'm crazy isn't an option. That's the one I would choose.
Ok please add it


My family don't approve me of getting a fish tank as I am still small. I really envy adults who have beautiful aquaraim. Because they ave the money. In singpore,
A6gallon cost$183... - I really nid a fish tank




My kids love it as they grow up around it and was always helping me. My new wife thinks its ok but still thinks I'm crazy, buy that might not just be the hobby...lol


I'd say all of the above except grossed out. My husband likes them, especially watching my pirhana, I mean gold barbs, eat. But at the same time he could easily live without them and wouldn't miss them. He also thinks they take up too much space and won't let me get anymore. My daughter is alternately interested and indifferent, but always jealous of the time I spend working on them. I don't think my husband understands how someone can be so interested in fish and I can just see him tuning me out when I start talking about fish things.



Goldwing_Don said:
My kids love it as they grow up around it and was always helping me. My new wife thinks its ok but still thinks I'm crazy, buy that might not just be the hobby...lol
awesome for the kids!!! mine grew up with one 30 gallon tank...which they loved...but they make sure they let me know the 9 tanks I have now, are just not (how do I word it on a family friendly site?) NOT necessary? and my poor bf, just okey: then rolls his eyes and walks off ....of if they only could be as obsessed as we are


My parents and siblings are fine with *cough, cough* "our" tanks. Although, my mom as issued a VERY firm rule that there will be ABSOLUTELY NO more fish tanks in her kitchen. She made an exception for my sister's 3 gallon, but NO MORE. My 5 gal is in my bedroom, so just my sister and I see it most of the time, and just about everyone we have over loves the 29 gal. in the livingroom. I mean, lots of people are fine with 1 or even 2 or 3 fish tanks. It's when you start to have 4 or 5 or 6 or 9 or 53 that you begin to get the weird looks, and bored yawns. then people discover your true identity as a fish nut!


Some of my friends are interested, but I wonder of they are just being nice. Compared to myself, none of them could care less. Lol


my family get annoyed with my weekly water changes, hogging the bench with my buckets and water conditioner when they try and make dinner. My friends just don't get it, they don't understand how I can get so attached to my fish and why I insist on spending so much money on tanks and accessories. They don't think that the fish are worth the effort. But Their My Babies!!! and I love them. I wouldnt pass up being a fish loon ever.


My girlfriend enjoys sitting in front of it daily...but I think she is getting annoyed with me messing with it all the time. Ive been doing 40 gallon water changes the last two weeks. I treat 50 gallons at a time and hog the sink with hoses runnin across the kitchen and living room...better than haulin buckets though!

I get strange looks from the guys in my office when everyone is talking about their weekends and I chime in and say 'Worked on the tank.'


My family/friends think I'm crazy. My daughter, however, likes to look at the tank with her friends. She almost brags about it, but doesn't lift a finger to help....typical teenager.


catsma_97504 said:
My family/friends think I'm crazy. My daughter, however, likes to look at the tank with her friends. She almost brags about it, but doesn't lift a finger to help....typical teenager.
I am offended lol, I'm 15 and I care for 7 tanks at home and part-time the 30 at my job. My friends do think I'm crazy hah


Good morning,

Most people are amazed at my aquariums. Not too many people in these parts have seen a 265g in someones home. They seem to fall in love with the Bloody Parrots. I even had one girl to ask me if they were real. Duh!!!!!!! lol (I felt like saying no they're wind up plastic fish).

Wriggley (my betta) wins peoples hearts in a big way. They've never seen bettas with the colors and long flowing fins that Wriggley has.

Most people ignore my goldfish That's ok, I love them!

Chef is glad that I'm happy and enjoys watching them. I've listened to him give details of the fish and tanks to other people. He does a pretty good job. Now back in the kitchen Chef and prepare me a feast! lol



Haha, most people I know think it's quite cool, but when I sit on eBay comparing Vita-Chem/master test kit/fish food prices, I get funny looks. At weekends when I go and stay with my bf, my mum is perfectly happy to feed the crew and check up on them (she loves the bettas dancing for her) but I still have to do all the water changes!

Alee C.

My tank is in the living room, and can be viewed as soon as you walk through the door. Everyone always says that its beautiful with crystal clear water. The first thing everyone usually says is ''Are those frogs real?'', and followed by, ''How long does it take to clean?''.

I think fishtanks(if kept cleaned) are a beautiful addition to any room, who needs rugs and paintings, when you got a nice big tank, and a nice big dog(of course).


Generally speaking, my family think the tanks are pretty. But, they also think I've gone a little cuckoo lol Particularly my younger sister, who I make help me with the weekly changes (I give her the easy job- sit and watch that I don't suck up shrimp or babies and hold the syphon-hose in the bucket). They also think that they take up a lot of space... But they've accepted that I will eventually be getting another tank at some stage

Mum 'plays' with them, waving her fingers in front of the glass while they all come and beg. She especially loves having the bristlenose come up to the glass and challenge her with his spike-flaring. Dad watches them when no one is looking (he's too tough to get attached to fish ). Oh, and EVERYONE loves Steve the mystery snail, he brings us together as a family to watch him lol

My boyfriend is fantastic, he enables me He loves fish too, as well as shrimp and snails... So I convinced him to turn an old 2.5gal into a RCS tank He also helps me with the water changes if he happens to be over on water change day.

My other friends think I'm a little, weird. To put it mildly But they do think the baby platies are cute.


my 4 yr old daughter is always excited about the fish. she likes to go "check" on them, and the snails lol. my husband makes fun of me, saying I just sit there salivating while staring mindlessly at the tank/s. how dare he! my fish are relaxing to me. I tell him to come watch with me, and he does for a bit.......but I doubt if he would on his own. sigh


I kinda hope that my family has given up after all these years and 11 dogs,13 birds,5 cats and 10 tanks!!!!!!!!!Do ya think its a losing battle????.....lol.........(hahahah...IM gonna win!!!!!!!)


most of my friends and family like my tank, but most of them think I'm nuts when I talk about each fish personality, maybe I am nuts


I have 9 tanks and my boyfriend has 2 so EVERYONE thinks I'm crazy and have some sort of underlying problem. Seriously. They always make me out to be some crazy fish lady, so it's nice to get on here once in a while and read what other " crazy fish people " are up to. Glad to see there are so many of us


crazy off my rocker, glad to see I'm not alone
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I guess since I made the poll I should answer. My mom and dad are ok with it just glad I have a productive hobby. My sister and my friends think I am crazy lol


Remember the famous quote: "Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts that stood their ground." lol

My friends are always like "ZOMG you bought 4 plants for $17?!"

My parents are like "Do you know how high the electricity bill is? (Me: It's only one 10 gallon! Ask someone like BB or Harpua that! (sorry, just had to say that))

But yes. They think I'm totally, utterly crazy.


my family like mine except for my uncles who laugh at the size of my tank and call it 'puny' (well it is a 65L ) . its ok for them, one uncle owns a club and has 2x 100gal tanks in his club with malawis and the other has 2x 120L tanks (again with malawis) at his house.

mine looks better though, theirs are just rocks with fish.



A year ago I was in a nasty car accident and now I'm paralyzed so until I build my own accessible house, I'm staying with my parents. I need a lot of help from them right now - like to do water changes and reach far into the tank.

Because of this, I think they like the fish a teeny bit less but they seem to enjoy watching them swim around and feeding them almost as much as I do!

I really love my fish :-*



I'm sure they don't mind. And I'm glad you have such a wonderful hobby to practice!



I'm off my rocker!

My parents like the hobby.My dad used to keep a tank of tiger barbs successfully before I was born, so he was delighted! My mum exclaimed 'why do you want fish?' and I replied with my prepared argument . In the end, she gave in... as soon as we got into the LFS she was amazed the the colour and activity in the tanks, after we bought home our fish (2 gouramis) she was 'greeting them' which was very funny! Since then it's 'too late for a water change, how about next week?' and I get fed up and do the water change anyway.

My brother, he listens, and then steers me towards ''hypotheticals'' about him building a race car similar to the lotus 7 car or doing up an old evolution 8 or doing the Classic adelaide (and me being his co-driver! Very scary).
Infact if steering someone off topic was a sport, he would be world no.1 at it! ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

My family and friends like my tanks, but when I explain about the nitrogen cycle and stuff when they ask a question, they don't listen! I used to find it hard to get someone to help with water changes... and now I don't even bother! I do it by myself!

ops: , for the rant

end of rant


Everyone thinks I'm crazy (it looks like I have spent thousands of dollars), but they love my fish! I get a tank off craiglist and upgrade the fish to another tank or start another community every month it seems. I hate to pass up a good deal!



OK so all my friends thought I was crazy. Except one, who I drove crazy and she ended up buying straight out a 400L tank and stocking it with sharks etc. With no knowledge. She's spent thousands on that tank. Anyway...

Everyone I shared a house with LIKED them, but thought I was crazy.
I moved back in with my parents for work... They both thought I was crazy. Probably because I bawled when I sold my mollies and then spent $50 shipping my $3.5 dalmation molly accross Australia.

THEN! Dad became an enabler. He's a fisherman, so he does like fish. His friend keeps a lot of tanks, which he likes. When he found one being sold, he convinced me to buy it and set it up outside.

Then mum fell in love with Howl (the betta) and the baby cichlids, and now the clown loach too.

She liked watching Howl, but those baby cichlids just broke her. Not too suprising with how she reacts to human babies. Now she's very supportive, and has demanded when I leave that at least one of my tanks stays

She freaks out about the fish a lot too. LOL. I'm more of the cruisy "it's ok, they'll survive!" mindset now.

Pity neither of them pays towards it... or helps with the cleaning. Mum loves feeding them all tho.

betta freak

my family is ok with it


I had to move back into my parents house after a move back to the state. they got a new hot tub and couldnt figure out why the electric bill was so high.. they sold the hot tub and then I noticed my dad looking under my tank. " you have a street light ballast under here and I got rid of my hot tub"


My mom has mixed emotions about my fish tank. She said it's going to take up too much space, and that she doesn't want it in her house, but allowed it.

I told her the funny things my fish would do, and she would say "It's a fish!"
And then she stopped to look at him for a while, and when he followed her hand on the glass, she was impressed.. But she still laughs at me when I tell her stories.

My sister also laughed, but when she saw him she told me that she.. "Wanted a fish." Lol


My friends and family think my tanks look pretty cool, but they are glad that it is me who has to take care for them......


My parents like it but I get really defensive with it. Because my dad has tried feeding them before, and I really don't want somebody overfeeding! Also they get annoyed because I'm always wanting to get rides to petsmart/petco to get more things to improve my aquarium. And I'm always changing it around. I'm even thinking about switching to sand soon. But overall they like it.



They seemed to be okay with 3 tanks in the house, then I added more and now there are 7. In the next few days I am adding 6 more, but that took a serious act of bribery (I had to buy my gf a laptop, phooey). I've set up/am setting up the rest of my stuff at my brothers house

Jake the Fish

My parents think I'm weird for wanting a third tank. I've only got 2 ;D

My dad also tells me how much money I'm costing him from the energy and water bills ;D


lol @ jake. sorry for bringing back an old thread but I just had to share! ever since I got my 26gal my dad has really supported me and even helped me buy fish and plants and things I needed...he thinks its awesome and a really peaceful and beautiful thing! he'll randomly come in my room just to watch my fishies!

mom on the other hand, she won't give me a cent! she thinks its nice and pretty and all...but she said if I want a hobby I have to pay for it...which sucks cause I don't have a job!

but yeah...at least I have daddy! <3 <3 <3


My 4-1/2 year-olds love them and keep asking for more tanks and fish and frogs and shrimp and a "monster" (lobster).

Dh likes to look at the 30 gallon (its in the dining room) but doesn't understand why I don't put more/colorful/bigger fish in there.

I'm not sure what he'll think about the next (larger) tank that I'm planning. I might have to be . LOL


My husband used to HATE fish. He thinks their gross with 'souless' beady little eyes.

He refuses to even snorkle on a tropical beach as he doesn't want to see any fish and would rather pretend they aren't there. (Meanwhile i'm off scuba diving )

However, I have converted him with bettas! He nicely lets me have 2 tanks in the house (baby's room and study, but not in the lounge or bedroom where he has to look ar them often). Seeing how much personality my boys have and how clean and well planted I have my tanks, he actually has said I can have a big community one to aquascape in our new bedroom once we finish renovating.

I think his idea was that i'd originally have a dirty old tank with a goldfish, fluro gravel and a crappy castle covered in algae like most kids he's seen growing up- but seeing that once wellinformed you can really make a serene piece of nature with beautiful fish he's changed his mind.

He still thinks i'm a bit crazy though....

My daughter loves them, hopefully my new son will too as he wakes up in his cot to a 15gal planted community every day. Lucky boy!

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