What do you use to warn you that your bucket of RO/Di is nearly filled ?


I just got my RO/DI system and it’s filling a 5 gallon bucket. I’ve set up an alarm after 60 minutes. 60% filled. Then another one in 20 minutes. But it’s stressful because I know I’m going to forget one day.

I was thinking about setting a web cam on top of the bucket so I can see it filling up. Then I thought a water sensor directly on the bucket with an alarm a few inches close to the top would be better.

But I’m new at this and I’m sure those who have been doing it for a while have better set-ups. What did you buy at a reasonable price ? Can you put a link to it ?

Thanks !


I have soft water and don’t need an RO system but.

For a few dollars you could buy a 60 litre/ 15 gallon rubbish bin to put the 5 gallon bucket in .
Nothing is going to save you if you forget about it completely not even a 200 litre / 50 gallon wheelie bin. But both of these options are cheap and have no moving parts to break.


You could rig a float switch that would turn it off when the water reaches a certain level

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