Question What do you think of my future stocking ideas?


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DrSkullface8899 said:
30 x 12 x 12 in (20 gallon)
5 Platy
3 Molly
5 Guppy
6 Neon Tetra
2 Cory Catfish
2-3 African Dwarf Frog

24 x 12 x 12 in (15 gallon)
1 Female Betta
1 Honey Gourami
6 Celestial Pearl Danio
6 Ember Tetra
6 Pygmy Cory Catfish
Various Shrimp

Any suggestions?
I wouldn't recommend keeping the frogs with fish since they'll have a lot of trouble with getting food. Mollies like 30 gallons, so a 20 isn't really ideal. Corydoras like a group of 8. You could probably do a group of pygmy cories, but I've had trouble keeping them alive. I think my 30 ppm nitrate bothered them.
Patties, guppies, neon's, and pygmy cories should be fine. You could also do some amano shrimp if you wanted.

The 15 gallon should be okay except I wouldn't recommend keeping the betta with a gouarmi and the betta might get aggressive towards it.

I hope your tanks turn out well! Always make sure that you check the stocking with multiple members before you buy your fish


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The 20 gallon would be overstocked and the 15 would be getting close to it.

For the 20 I would recommend going with the neon tetras and picking either the platies or the guppies. It's my understanding that corys do better in groups of 6 or more as well.
You have to be careful with dwarf frogs in community tanks- if a fish can fit in their mouth then they will try to eat it. This is obviously troublesome for the fish you lose but the frog can also choke and die if the fish is on the bigger side. They're pretty slow so if the fish are fast that specific issue isn't too big. However dwarf frogs are very slow and have horrible eyesight which can make feeding them a bit of a hassle. From what I've read they tend to do best when they have their own tank.

As for the 15 I would drop either the betta or the gourami-possibly both. They're fairly aggressive on their own and would likely attack each other. Other than that it sounds fairly ok. You'd want to be careful and have a backup plan for if the betta or gourami decided it didn't want to be friends with the others though.

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