What do you like about fishlore?

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It is very hard to find people who want to talk about fish all day! NOT HERE!
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I am not a saltwater fishkeeper in any sense (researched it for hours and decided it wasn't for me) but I love all fish! And I definitely love this board! As for what I love about it: The weath of knowledge the experienced fishkeepers (and some of the members that are relatively new to this hobby) bring to the table that I can learn from. I also love that this site is family-friendly with no profanity or the like. Some of the other boards I visit that allow profanity are a little too immature and vulgar for my liking. So I like the fact that this site is not like that at all.
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I like this site because they kept my fish alive...they don't grouch or complain when sometimes I ask the same thing over and over..they take the time out of their lives to help those who need help (me)! thanks again fishlore!
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Yep there's always somebody here and we love talking abut our fish
Hope you don't mind I'm going to move this to general discussion so more people will see it
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I like that whenever I want information about something fish related I can almost always come here and find the answer. I may not always like the information that I find, and I may not always follow the advise that I get, but I always know that I am getting what someone believes is the best answer they can give.
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Thanks butterfly I'm just learning. I was wondering about that.
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I love it here because the wonderful people don't call me "Nuts" for admiring and photographing my fish....I also love it here because any question I have asked has been answered in the correct way and have given me positive results..

I'd like to take a moment to say Thank You to everyone who has helped me since joining...And of course a big thank you for crowning Tangy as "Fish of the Month"
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I love how there's such a wide variety of experience and a high level of expertise represented here...and more importantly, how willing these people are to help us noobies even when our questions probably sound really ignorant

I also love seeing everyone's fish and tanks, and how you all don't think I'm crazy for doting on my fish. My family loves you all because I don't talk about fish as much to them, since I can come here to do it
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I like it here b/c no one is hostile or competitive like other sites I have been on. Everyone is helpful and I have learned and am still learning a lot from everyone on on Fishlore.
And also....no one thinks I am crazy for being so into fish. People appreciate my photos I take and actually look at them. My family seems to think we are wasting our money, but say whatever makes you happy. The people on Fishlore know the trouble, time, care and expense we take in our hobby. You understand when I get upset over a sick fish. My mom thinks I am foolish. Blah blah. Yes I have multiple pet syndrome badly, but we know what can & cannot handle.
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I give this site a because it is family friendly, you can trust kids to come here and get good advice......

I have found friends on this site, and even though I am NOT a kid (except at heart), I don't have to put up with trash....

Any one coming on can enjoy sharing no matter what level of fish experience they have, and new comers are always welcome....If they give good advice they can just jump right in and help out....

I especially like that some here understand my since of humor...and that we can all joke with each other in good taste....
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so much info and help, the best place to go for real answers.. if I have a question I can get right answer form this site and it will be a lot better than the expert opinions at the LFS.
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I love fishlore because when I have a Question I get answers.
I tell everyonr who will listen about it.
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I don't like Fishlore at all. Just kidding, I don't know what I like about Fishlore, probably all of it, but also the great team of mods and other people that answer the questions and keep this site very family friendly. Also all the great advice that is given out by everyone.

EDIT: I forgot I was a mod, so all the other mods, excluding myself.
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I love FishLore....there are so many things to like about it. I don't even know where to start.

I guess the first thing is, I came here with so many questions and the people here were happy to help.
I think I only received one reply that made me feel dumb but the wonderful mods took care of it immediately....so add the mods to what I like about it.
I love the encouragement and support everyone gives one another.
I like learning from every ones questions and answers, even the ones that will never pertain to me.
I feel good when I can pass along information ya'll have taught me
I love the pictures and FishLore Magazine.

So, I guess I like everything
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if there is any answers to your questions they will be answered here... such a vast group of people and fish...normally someone has had the experience
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I love the people I meet here and the fish I meet here. I love the fact that when someone is having a problem with their fish they know that everyone here understands it. I love the fact that we do have a site we can be proud to have the young members see and not to be afraid of what they will be exposed to. I love the fact that everyone's opinion is valued and that unless we see a definite need to correct the advice someone is given we try to value everyone's opinion. I love the fact that we can disagree without fighting about it. I love the fact that when someone is in pain because of the loss of a loved pet or any other problem, we come together as a loving group of people and support them and show them that we do care and that they are loved. For those reasons and many more (too many to list here), I love Fishlore.com.

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I love fishlore for many reasons. I don't know where to start or end. I guess it comes down to Fshlore being a clean forum and family friendly. That's special credit to mods. Also the people are very tolerating and kind and have good knowledge. They give good advice and say if they are not sure. Fishlorians understand fish and their care. I hav'nt walked into a single fish store or spoken to single person face to face and had a understanding conversation about fish. Fishlorians......;D This is just a great forum with great people!
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Fishlore is a great place to learn real info about fish without having to feel dumb and you meet great people here.
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Fishlore has provided many answers, many laughs, and tons of appreciation for all the members new and the higher ranked lol! I can view pictures of swtanks to enjoy since I never want to take that task on. I thank everyone who takes the time to post those pictures, family pics, other pet pics, etc... I also think it is great that you don't know if someone is old or young, because everyone treats each other with great respect! That is simply "cool"!

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On a personal note without a dout this site and the members have saved the life of some of my fish !! All the helpful advice and care, Thanks Fishlore
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I can def say this site has great advice! Whenever I need it for my fish! Plus lately a good place to go and post about anything....
I can't thank the people enough for advice on taking care of my fish! (my fish are thankful too!)
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I like FishLore because I like FishLore. I can't think of other reasons.

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I have to add that there are "other" boards out there where they are really hostile as in they are set out to be know it alls, and this board has really been friendly, welcoming, and helpfull. I am thankful I found this site!
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Everyone is very friendly, respectful and helpful here, that's the main difference between fishlore and other sites. I love to chat with other members and friends on Fishlore.;D
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I like that Red wag platy guy. He's very smart and handsome.
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Your tooting your own horn Red Wag Platy Guy! I just looked all over this thread for a Red Wag Platy Guy. I went through and tried to find a past post and for like 20 minutes I couldnt figure it out. Now I realize your just joking. Some times I'm so blonde!

I like fishlore because, well because! Its just that everyone is friendly and caring, and I can talk 'fish' without feeling like a jerk. LOL
shortcut mary
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Fishlore is the best Forum on the web IMO. Everyone is treated with the same level of respect whether you're a beginner or Expert. Thank You for being so helpful!
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I like the broad range of knowledge .
You can always find someone to help you no matter what the issue.
From illness , plants , ID to DIY there is always an answer.
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while there are many other aquarium hobby forums on the net, I like the size and knowledge the members of fishlore. other forums can have a lot more total members and a ton more members on at the same time, but I find many don't contribute to the community in a positive manner. here at fishlore, I like to think with only 7000 members, and about 50 members + 300 guests, we have established who are the experts and who has trustworthy advice. we also don't have any ego trips. quality over quantity, am I right?
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I like the big paycheck that I get for being a mod.
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I'm a member of quite a few different fish forums and most of them mainly for bettas and the one thing that really stands out to me when it comes to this forum is that I have yet to come across cliques here like I've encountered when I was in high school. Everyone here shares a love for fish and no one is centered out because they haven't been a member for very long or they don't have many posts, etc.

There is a site I'm a member of that's notorious for having little popularity groups and you wouldn't believe at how many people's threads don't get any replies because the person who started the thread isn't considered as one of the "in crowd". This site, however, is completely different. I have yet to see the above done here and that's why I love this site so much.

In my opinion, the whole point of starting a website for a particular interest is to get people who share that interest together so they can talk about it and maybe even make some new friends. When the people on a site start picking favorites then it starts to go downhill. Again, this is just my opinion. I don't know if anyone else has ever noticed this on other forums before but I, unfortunately, have.

Don't ever change, Fishlore! You're great just the way you are!!
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True, as much as Fishlore's grown the past year & a half, it still has the friendly feel to it.
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True, as much as Fishlore's grown the past year & a half, it still has the friendly feel to it.

I like the big paycheck that I get for being a mod.

Yeah, but nothing beats personal use of the Official Fishlore Moderator Jet, especially when you don't want to worry about a fish surviving shipping/getting through customs.
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Originally Posted by COBettaCouple
I like the big paycheck that I get for being a mod.

Yeah, but nothing beats personal use of the Official Fishlore Moderator Jet, especially when you don't want to worry about a fish surviving shipping/getting through customs.
When did we get the jet???

And we're not such a big and stuck up site that we can't engage in a little foolishness once in awhile. fishLore people have the best sense of humor.
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Yea, you didn't get the memo?

When did we get the jet???
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Yea, it had the information on the big fat paychecks and how to use the FishLore Jet.
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oh goodness I love it here non of my friends have fish and laugh when I talk about them. I remember asking a coworker if she knew anything about fish and started to give me several recipes before I could say " no live fish" then explained how to unhook and gut one.
so yes I really like it here.

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