What Do You Feed Your Fry?

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HI everyone .

Was just wondering what you feed your fry on a weekly basis.

I have a 3 week old killifish fry. He's been living off of microworms as I went away for a week and has put on some good size.

Now he just doesn't seem interested in any food although his belly looks full. Always stays towards the top of the tank never the bottom

I've added flakes. Chopped up white worms but nothing .

Just wondering what you feed your fry week by week.

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My molly fry refuse to eat crushed flakes or worms.
Sometimes they pick at the worms but that's about it.
I do have, fluval bug bites, which is probably what they ate when born in tank, as the area they all hid was where all my old bug bites were sitting lol

So now, I just drop one medium pellet in for the 7 fry, and leave it in over night or for about half the day, before it starts to really fall apart.

What they don't eat gets vacuumed with a baster.

They just sit near the bug bite and take off tiny pieces lol
I also gave them a pea last week when they were looking real fat and some were struggling with floating correctly.
Also funny enough when I thought they were having swim bladder issues, eating the bug bites put them on the right track to buoyancy.
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I fed my guppy fry:

"first bites",

powdered flake (usually found on the lid or sides of your flake container if your fish eat flakes. Pellet dust works too),

soft fresh veggies such as cucumber and peas (can be mashed in water to make smaller to eat)

egg yolk (very great high protein food!! Boil an egg, keep the yolk and add a little water to make it a paste. Can use this for up to a week)

Hope that helped!
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Killis are notorious for wanting live food?
I offer my fry [not killis] Golden Pearls around 200-300 microns .
Golden pearls no matter what size are the most buoyant prepared food and stay in the water column longer helping to get the fries attention.
I get my GP from Kensfish.
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Fry/shrimp/snails/Bettas (anything small) = Betta food (the fine, red, granule sprinkle type)
I find the powdered fry foods to be too fine, it just pollutes the water and gets sucked up in the filter etc., but the Betta food sinks fairly fast and is also high protein / good quality compared to a lot of other foods.
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I love fluval because it's one of the only 'real' fish foods. It's on the same playing field as those high end 60 dpllar a bag dog foods.

I don't have the bag with me right now, but there is absolutle no by-product, no meal in this food.

I do feed HikarI sometimes too, unfortunately, that's a very poor quality food. Very few vegetables, one of the first ingredients is a meal, I think fish meal.

Or things like flour.

Can't fathom feeding my fish poor quality human food things like that.

Bug bites contain real vegentables, peas, carrots and I believe potatoes.
The first ingredient is fly larvae, something fish would naturally find in the wild.

Fluval is known to be pretty high quality with their tanks, filters, and everything else.
Makes sense why they have what I believe is truly one of the best foods.
Barely processed, contains fish oils, and my cats love them too.
Lacey D
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I have endler, so the fry eat pretty much anything small enough to fit in their mouths. It's actually one of my fav. sights to see a tiny baby swimming around the tank with a chunk of a pellet or a brine shrimp almost larger than they are firmly clamped in their little mouths

But what they do get fed on purpose is:
HikarI First Bites
Baby Brine Shrimp (just bought an in-tank hatchery so going to give that a try) instead of the frozen I'd been feeding)
Algae wafers
Snail jello
Finely crushed HikarI Micropellets
Finely crushed Tetra flake food
San Francisco Bay Co. frozen Freshwater diet, mostly Emerald Entree.

I underfeed, so they do a lot of grazing in my setups and grow slowly. I know they would grow faster/better if I was more deliberate in my feeding, but then I would end up with 10,000 endler instead of some number just over a hundred.

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