What do you feed your fish and why?

  1. D

    DaniosRock Valued Member Member

    I have 6 Zebra Danios who are very busy. I feed them Tetra Tropical Flakes once a day and brine shrimp weekly. They turn into little basketballs when they eat the shrimp, they really love them. I feed them FBS for the protein content and the Tetra Flakes because they are tropical fish and I really have no idea what else to feed them.

    I have read about other fish keepers feeding other things and wondered what the advantages were, why they chose a particular food and where they purchase it. I haven't seen anything specific about feeding so I thought I would start the discussion.
  2. psalm18.2

    psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    I like Ken's brand food. The ingredients are healthy and the bag lasts forever.

    I also use frozen foods.

    To me flakes are like junk food.
  3. virusmk

    virusmk Well Known Member Member

    you can try thera a+ it is rich with vitamins and minerals, beefheat flakes, beefhart mix, freezedried black worms are high in protein content

  4. Marie1

    Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    I feed Ken's tropical flakes, spirulina garlic and paprika flakes, black worms, blood worms, earth worms, mysis shrimp,and cichlid pellets.

    I feed different things on different days. No real rhyme or reason. I just have always heard variety is best.
  5. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I use NLS ( New life spectrum with Thera A ) once, every other day, Hikari brand Brine shrimp & Bloodworms on Saturday only as a treat.
  6. OP

    DaniosRock Valued Member Member

    Where do you get the NLS?
  7. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

  8. Adam55

    Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    You can get NLS at Kensfish, and they also make and sell their own foods. It's also worth mentioning that FL member and sponsor, jetajockey, sells his own line of medicated food on his website.
  9. blusshed

    blusshed Well Known Member Member

    I use the Fluval Veggie Flakes... And Frozen Brine Shrimp once a week, every other week. :)

    My fish seem fine, and munch their food down.
  10. Sharpie

    Sharpie Valued Member Member

    I feed bloodworms my fish and couple times a week tropical flakes,shrimp pallets,and tropical granules.

    Of course some algae thins for my "suckers" and sinking wafers for cories.

    Is feeding fish with blood worms 5 times a week bad for my fish?
  11. Junne

    Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't feed them more than 2 times a week at the most since the food is very rich in protein.
  12. f

    fishingdeep Valued Member Member

    I like your post. Please know any recs' are not for community tanks. We do believe in the food we rec for mainly specific species so that may cause you concern but it is for a specific species and not for a community tank though I see them also posted here. Nope - there is not one fish food to buy and remember it will sour if you buy to much. Buy a small amount that you will use in 6 - 12 months as you use it and keep us posted.
  13. S

    Spaceman78 Valued Member Member

    My Danios love Tetra Bloodworms, Hikari Brine Shrimp, Aqueon Tropical Flakes but won't eat NLS Thera+A.
  14. r

    renthus Well Known Member Member

    I used to feed my ADFs frozen hikari bloodworms, but when I started feeding my gobies live blackworms, it just made sense to be consistent. The betta in with the frogs SHOULD be eating hikari betta pellets, but he always manages to steal a meal's worth of blackworms from the dropper as I'm feeding the frogs, so whatever. I'm pretty consistently feeding my other three bettas live blackworms, but I'm moving them over to the hikari pellets in about a month. I find that the live foods are better for promoting growth when they're young like this. As for my main tank, I feed hikari sinking carnivore pellets, tetra algae wafers, and Ocean Nutrition Brine Shrimp Plus flakes. It's a diverse tank. They get blackworms whenever I feel like they need a treat, like after I stuck them all in a bucket for four hours while I changed substrates.
  15. Mattfinn

    Mattfinn Valued Member Member

    One pea once a week soak it in some boiled water for 5 minutes before peeling shell and popping it in...
    Freeze dried bloodworms twice a week
    And tropical flakes every day. -less on the days when I feed the pea and bloodworms.

    Feeling fishy
  16. OP

    DaniosRock Valued Member Member

    Thank you everyone for your input. Feeding our fishy friends seems to be as diverse as the fish we keep. I have gotten some new ideas about feeding my fish a better diet, I hope it has helped others as well.
  17. Witchydesign

    Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    I seem to be a bit more diverse than some lol. The betta gets kensfish 1mm betta pellets, and bloodworms. He wont eat brine shrimp.

    The big tank gets a random food each day, ive got frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, 2 different flakes, 2 different cory pellets, tetra micro pellets, freeze dried daphnia (only once a week), and this cool frozen pack i found yesterday. It has 4 rows of cubes- 1 spirulina brine shrimp; 1 bloodworms, 1 mix of brine shrimp, cyclops, daphina, bloodworms and spirulina plus vitamins and all sorts of good stuff; and the last is called "emerald entree" its mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, krill, plankton, spinach, ect ect...

    Ya so variety lol.
  18. emmynk

    emmynk Well Known Member Member

    I feed all different types of food. My fish really like new life spectrum. And of course flakes. But I don't really like feeding those....
    My new all time favorite food is-- wait for it --- REPASHY! the stuff is great. You make a batch of it, cut it into cubes, pop them in your freezer. And boom. Food for months. My lake tang cichlids love soilent green, and I got community plus today that my serpaes love. One of my favorite things about this food is that it promotes natural grazing-- because you can leave a cube of it in the tank for up to 24 hours without it fouling up the water!! Yay!! But my fish usually eat it before then :)
  19. Witchydesign

    Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    i was thinking about getting repashy, my serpaes are picky as all get out. Cant get them to eat barely anything unless its a bloodworm. That and i want to get the shrimp soufflé for my snails. Thatll be next paycheck lol.
  20. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    I feed flakes, micro worms, vinegar eels, blood worms, Daphnia and fresh veggies and algae wafers for the shrimp.