What do you feed your corals?


I am going to be getting cats eye zoanthus and a green toadstool mushroom leather coral here in a few months after my tank gets establish good. Can I feed them frozen brine shrimp or frozen mysis shrimp?


If you dice it up insanely small. My lfs and most everyone I speak to suggests reefroids or reef frenzy with a turkey baster. My shrooms, leathers, torch, hammer, frogspawn, acans, zoa’s,.... so on and so forth all seem to love the reef roids. I also does phytoplankton they can filter feed off of but mostly to feed the copepods which they can eat if they happen by too.


I never fed mine anything specifically except for my own entertainment. The zoas just closed up, sometimes the mushrooms would eat, but usually it just floated by. I broadcast fed my tank reef frenzy nano. I assume they just caught some...

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