Question What do you do with your fish when on holiday?


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Obviously, nobody should be travelling during the current situation, but i have a general question. When on holiday, what do you guys do with your fish andd waterchanges? So far in my experience of fish keeping, i've never been on holiday. I usually go for 2 weeks. I cannot allow friends, family or neighbours to do waterchanges, feeding etc, so what would i do? I have 3 tanks currently:
- 15 gallon with 10+ guppies
- 15 gallon with one female betta
- 10 gallon with male betta

For me, guppies are very messy and produce alot of waste, and they're very sensitive to water conditions. Bettas are pretty hardy but 2 weeks is quite a stretch without waterchanges. How would they eat? what if a fish died and produced even MORE ammonia? What about the lights (turning on/off)


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Yes, I agree with snookus. Do an extra large water change and leave some fish food feeders. You can get them at petsmart or petco. Just get a longer lasting one than mine. Also fish can live a really long time without food. I'm not saying do this story but when my mother was a kid she had a betta bowl and left it for half a year without food and the fish lasted for a year after. I'm not saying do that but in the wild they will live for a long time without food. Here is a pic if you don't know what they look like


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