What do you do with the water?


After reading and knowing that I"m going to have to do frequent water changes to keep my fish healthy, I am thinking about another concern. What do you do with the tank water that you siphon out? Do you just dump it down the drain?

I ask because I live the in the southwest desert and I am very concerned about my water use, not only cost-wise but because I strongly believe in smart water use. Dumping 7 gallons of water down the drain once or even twice a week bothers me.

Can I use my siphoned water to water my household plants? Obviously I won't use ALL of it, but will be using at least a little of it to sustain my plants.

Do you all think this is safe to do?
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HI Bugeyed

That's a great question. As long as the water is from a freshwater aquarium with no salts and no medications in it, I would think it would be ok to use on your house plants or lawn.


Your plants would love to have your aquarium water! When I do water changes on my larger tanks the hose goes outside into the garden and into my roses. This helps conserve water by using it twice but also gives my plants "enriched" water


I use it not only to water my inside plants but also the plants and trees out in my yard.
Since I change over 1000 gallons a week, it would be criminal to do otherwise.



Bugeyed, water full of fish wastes is a WONDERFUL natural fertilizer for plants! It's much better to use tank water than to use tap water on your plants, as long as (like Mike said) it's not full of salts and medications. I also agree with all of you: we need to conserve our water. I guess I've been bad because I never used my tank water to water my plants around the house and backyard, but I'll start doing this from now on .
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