What do think is important to start a nano tank? Question

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by JessiNoel21, Dec 13, 2012.

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    If you where gonna start a Nano tank....... What would you buy for it ? Protein skimmer, heater, additives, and other stuff that you know or think you would need :) I am asking to see what people can come up with as a fun way to see what people's tastes are :).
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    Anything under 30 gallons and a reef to make more fun :). So if you where to do a Reef what additives would you use :).
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    Preferably none :D I would mix my own SW using a Reef salt mix (Instant Ocean Reef Crystals or Seachem Salinity) that contains all necessary elements for a reef. With regular water changes, all elements (in theory) should stay in acceptable ranges.

    I wouldn't try and keep acros (SPS) in a nano, they are too demanding on water parameters. Softies mainly, which aren't too demanding on elements, maybe LPS or NPS.

    I would however be keeping an eye on the three majors, Mg, Ca, Alk, and would dose if necessary. Again, it's mainly SPS that are high demand on the majors. Trace elements would be replenished through water changes.
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    Okay now Ryan what would you dose the the tank with :) name all the lovely things you would use or just list the stuff you use now ;-). I am helping a friend who does not have a computer due to her son deciding to wash it for her :). She is planning a Nano and want to get everything she needs. I already printed the guides for her.
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    Hi Jessi,
    I try not to dose anything if I don't have too. Like I said in the post above Alk, Ca, Mg if required. I'd look into the Seachem AquaVitro line. I currently use Red Sea A/B/C but I'm not thrilled with them. I'll be switching to Seachem as these run out.
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    Okay I well let her know ;) I love my Prime from them and the calcium ;).