What Do Ramshorn Snails Need To Live?


After a two week vacation my ramshorn snail population exploded and the assasin snails are nowhere near keeping up. I'd like to prune them again and get rid of them on craigslist which I've had luck with in the past.

I'm wondering though what kind of conditions they need in the meantime. I'd like to pluck them out into another container and store them up to give away or sell. This will probably take a few days to get most of them as they wander around in and out of hiding spots. Can they survive in just a bowl with some tank water? Do they need a filter? Do they need a heater?

I'm basically just wondering if I need to set up a snail tank or if I can just throw them in a bucket with water for a few days until I've collected enough to rehome...


Throw em in a bucket, maybe with some plant trimmings. No filter, no heater. I kept a colony in a jar for a few years, and they did fine.


I agree, they are fine in just a container without a heater, they don't need anything special


I have two pond snails in a small bucket, no heater, no filter and feed them veggies, flakes, and wafers. They do just fine in it!

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