What do I need for a 30 gallon tank?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by riptide904, Jan 4, 2013.

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    I'm considering buying a 30G for my two goldfish, but the one I'm looking at is bare bones, simply the glass container. I have a low power filter (90 gph) and some fake plants and gravel, which I would need to buy another bag of to fill the tank. Exactly what should I get for the tank? I've never had anything larger than a ten gallon before, this would be my first kinda-big tank. :;banaman
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    Grats on the new tank! :D

    You'll need another filter, I'd suggest an AquaClear 50 (200gph). That filter combined with your other 90gph filter will give you 290gph, almost 10x turnover for your filtration. Or, you could go ahead and get a 300gph filter and only have to run one. Up to you :)

    For goldfish, since they're cold water, I'm not sure if you don't want a heater at all, or just one that can be set low (like 70-72) so that the temp is constant. I honestly don't know which would be best for goldies. I'm thinking a low-set heater would be best.

    As far as decor I've seen some people sparsely decorate and others go crazy, but more people seem to limit the decor since the goldies get so big generally. So maybe just a few plants and decorations to start out with.

    Lighting is easy, if you're not getting live plants (which I've heard goldies make a snack out of) get a plain old single-tube fluorescent strip light and canopy. They're fairly cheap and give a nice look, however if you want to go cheaper get a glass canopy and two reflector dome lights, and a couple CFLs. They give nice lighting and are cheap, but give a science-lab look that some people may not like.

    A bubble stone would be good, I'm not sure but I think they really like and maybe need them, I just see most goldy tanks with bubblers.

    Oh, and water conditioner! Prime is best and most cost effective if you don't already have any.

    I'd even suggest getting a faucet-adapted water changer or make your own, since the larger the tank the more buckets to haul... and lift. I HATE lifting so tomorrow I'm getting myself a DIY water changer.
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    I like the look of having the bubbles at the back of the tank, though I'd probably have to wait on getting that.

    I'm probably going to need a new bucket for water changes, as now I'm using pitchers that take forever to fill a tiny tank, I can't imagine trying to fill a 30G.

    I have one live plant that's been there for 6 months and has been growing rapidly under what is arguably the worst tank light in existence (Maybe because the tank's near a window, that explains the algae too...)

    Now I only need to convince my sister to chip in some cash, if she wants to keep saying that one of them belongs to her... :no2:
  4. Akari_32Fishlore LegendMember

    What *type* of goldfish, first off?
  5. riptide904Valued MemberMember

    Fantail/Fancies. They're nearing two inches now, it's time to upgrade...
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    30 gallons is ok then. If you had commons or comets, you'd have been in for big surprise :;th
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    Thanks! I'll definitely take that list into consideration. I haven't been able to go to the store to get the tank yet, evidently the removal of Christmas decorations is a more pressing issue than fish... :rolleyes: