What do i even need or do??

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    Ok so im really starting to get in on this whole saltwater fish tank thing, after I move im looking to get one! I don't know much so im doing my research and I heard blue damsels (think the name was) is a great saltwater starting fish. but im not so worried about the fish and things inside the tank itself yet as much as I am on how to set one up and how to maintain it when its all ready-to-go. if anyone has any tips that would be great! oh, also what's the easiest size of a saltwater aquarium to take care of?
    Thanks in advance! <3 :)
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    Those links look really helpful! It also never hurts to have a few books on hand. I have one book in particular that was extremely helpful for my tank setup, unfortunately I am currently traveling and not at home so I can't pass the name on.

    It's been a few years since I set up my tank (which has since been broken down and put in storage due to other life events) but I remember feeling a little overwhelmed in the beginning as well. It helps if you have an idea of whether or not you are going to want coral for example, learning about live rock and the substrate are also important differences I found from my freshwater tanks.
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