What do i do now??

  1. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    Oh No! I was frustrated last nite tank cycling issues! before going to bed I noticed tank cloudy and the bio wheel barely turning. when I took the filter out the wheel worked. so I cleaned the filter in tank water I placed in bowl, replaced it in filter when I did the wheel did same thing, barely spins. as was late, I got frustrated and not thinking, I put in new filter! and threw out old one. the filter is working wheel spinning, this morning. water still cloudy.
    it wasn't until I get to work at 5am that I popped into here to read some things I read and realized my mistake: I removed the old filter!!!!! What do I do now? tank was still in cycling mode for a few wks. started in jun 3.
    someone please help me get back to correct path! no fish in tank, just plants, a snail.
    thanks for your help
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    What did you do with the old filter? Is there any chance that it's still wet?

  3. Dragones5150918 Well Known Member Member

    Hopefully your bio wheel held enough bb, other wise you are starting a new cycle. Most of the time the bio wheel hold enough so all you experience is a small cycle if you end up throwing away the filter cartridge, but since your still cycling, not sure if your bio wheel has enough.

    According to Marineland, the bio wheel does not have to be turning constantly to be effective. As long as it is still turning your fine. If it completely stops, then you have issues. Plus they do not recommend that you rinse off the bio wheel unless food or gunk is trapped in it and you have no other choice.
  4. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    its still wet but I gotta work wont be home for 9hrs! you think its still salvageable when I get home?

    ok I feel little better! I happy I didn't do fish cycle! thanks for your help!

  5. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Maybe, can't hurt to try!
  6. peregrine Member Member

    Test your water. It should be OK. On your way home pick up either some stability, or TSS or something similar and you can start dosing the Bacteria, it will help in getting it cycled. 9 hours your ammonia might rise, but hopefully not enough to start really effecting your fish too bad. Don't freak out, it should be ok :)
  7. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    I have TSS and Prime. when I get home I will run test using liquid API Master Kit. Should I do any water change at this time? or be patient which is not easy!

    yesterday morning reading on ammonia was 2ppm, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates. I do have frogbit, anachris floating, and few other plants. also get few baby snails but I remove them!

  8. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Have you added the TSS before? Is it the maintenance one or the start-up?
  9. peregrine Member Member

    Somehow I missed the no fish in tank... I got worried when no nitrates... I wouldn't worry about the water change ((unless the plants seem to be having issues)) Dose with TSS to give the BB a boost.. and should be ok.
  10. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    I have not added TSS before. I have the TSS+ Looks like the start up one I saw pics on this site for.

    I have a question I hope ok to ask here instead of new thread yall just let me know if I need another thread please and thanks.
    later on in few weeks, I plan to empty tank in order to add eco complete my question is how much tank water do I need to keep to add after my substrate is redone? will this cause me to have to recycle my tank?

  11. peregrine Member Member

    The cycle ((Beneficial Bacteria)) isn't in your water, well not a lot of it is, It's in your filter and on everything else. Technically you don't have to keep any of the water if you don't really want to.
  12. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Agreed, just be sure to keep the media wet. If you have to you can run it on the edge of a bucket of water. You may find that you'll have to deal with a cycle bump since there will likely be some BB in the substrate but whether it's enough to affect the cycle will only be known after you do it.
  13. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    for sure not gonna toss media! I learned a lesson. after I get the cycling how tos completed I want to do tank up as planted tank. I currently have some driftwood in tank.
    thanks for your help! Whew! I really need it!
  14. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    All the pieces will fall into place, try not to stress it:) They did for me anyway...eventually:rolleyes:
  15. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    If anyone still reading this, could you tell me what I should keep on hand. I currently have seachem prime and safe. one bag purigen, a bottle of TSS+. along with api master test kit, and Kh Gh kit. later on I need get what I need for plants. im still reading up on them and shrimp.
  16. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Sounds like a great list of supplies! Prime/Safe (they do pretty much the same thing) are most important and the test kit. You may need something specific depending on what kinds of fish you end up with but for now you're just cycling and you've got exactly what you need:)

    Oh, and if your KH is low you may need something to boost your KH;)
  17. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    I don't fully understand all the parameters of water. but I did test tap water. seems I have high ph 8.4, ammonia .50 nitrates/nitrites 0. Kh 2 Gh 3. and I may have those backwards as cant remember which I did first! but I have not filled my tank with ph ups and downs I don't need anymore problems lol im still learning.
  18. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Try putting the tap water in a bucket and running an airstone in it overnight. Your true pH may be different! Your numbers are spot on for early in the cycle:)
  19. G0ne Fishin Member Member

    i made it home rechecked tank. looks cloudy but i sat in front of it for while and noticed where the water flow hits front of tank i see a clear not sure how describe it, but i can see movement lol when i put my hand in and touch glass it is slimy. could it be some sorta algae? other than that i checked all sides of tank and water actually looks clear. also the old filter was still soaked and in safe place. i tested water ammonia .50 a hint of 1.0ppm nitrates/nitrites still 0. also i see a little bit of thick foamy bubbles around edges. i can get them out easily if they need be. on all this, is there anything i need b concerned with?
  20. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Nope. Sounds like a bacterial bloom. They're eating excess nutrients in the water and multiplying like crazy! Once you have the beneficial ones settling on the filter media and eating those nutrients faster than the free-floating ones can they will starve and your BB will win out in the end.

    I hope that made sense!