What do clamped fins look like?


I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with my little guy, and I’m a TOTAL fish noob. I assumed it was SBD — he struggles to swim up and oftentimes hangs around by the bottom now. He doesn’t flare for me anymore and lays himself on things/sticks to the filter intake much more than usual. Sometimes when he swims up, he kinda floats back down veritcally. His swimming is also very jerky/erratic. I’ve noticed the symptoms for about 24 hours, but doesn’t seem bloated and doesn’t have the S-spine... he got hit with a stream of water when I was doing a water change, which I think started all of this.

I have him in a QT with epsom salts for swim bladder, but I realized there’s a thing called Clamped Fins that has similar symptoms... but google hasn’t been forthcoming and I don’t know much what I’m looking for.

I tried uploading a short video of him swimming but the forum didn’t like it. So here’s a picture of him being all sad and lethargic in his QT.

Does this look like clamped fins to anyone? It seems like a variable diagnosis and I have no idea what i’m looking for.

I can try to provide specific pictures on request. He mostly lives inside the mouth of his shark decoration now.


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as I said in your other post, clamped fins are a symptom not a disease.

the fins in this picture are not clamped and are in a relaxed/ neutral position

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