What disease(s) / conditions, would cause fish to swim alone and not eat?

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Aquarium: 38G

11 Odesssa barbs (1 more is likely going to die)
1 Kribensis
1 Giant danio (does like to chase, will be donating to pet store in the near future).
1 Bn pleco

Specs: Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrates (0/0/~5) for both 38g and 10 gallon quarantine.

- About 10 days ago, I had purchased & quarantined 4x Odessa barbs. Within 2 days, one died within the seeded quarantined 10 gallon aquarium.
- I thought perhaps the 10 gallon is too small and stressed out one of the barbs to the point of death.
- Removed the remaining 3 quarantined barbs to the 38G, to join their buddies, thinking they may do better there. Taking a risk obviously.
- Within another 3-4 days, one barb started hanging out on his/her own and essentially not eating, or trying to but spitting it out.
- Body seems thin'ish, yet not concave/convex. It dies, body located at bottom on tank.
- As of yesterday, another barb is doing the same, separated from group and not exactly hungry.
- There is no obvious sign or ich/fin rot/injuries etc.
- If this barb dies, that will be 3 x barbs within 10 days.
- Changed 50% of water yesterday, about 20% daily prior to yesterday.

I am planning on removing the fella and quarantining again, with salt - 1 tbsp per 10 gallon for 12 hrs. / 1 tbsp per 5 gallon for 12 hrs., then up to 1 tbsp per 3 gallon if no improvement. If it even makes it.

I have 'General Cure' and Kosher salt at my disposal. That's about it at the moment.
I likely should have left the recently purchased 4 x barbs in the quarantine regardless of the initial one that died. But have to work with what I have now.
Edit: Update - the 11th Odessa barb that was playing solitaire and not eating for a few days is now back to normal behaviour in the 38g. I have done sizable water changes in the past week and perhaps whatever was bothering it has passed.
I have not quarantined him (can't identify which fish at this point as they're all spunky).

I do believe the Giant danio (sole danio remaining) needs to be re-homed so am dealing with that this or next week. He needs more of his own kind to lay chase. Even though the Odessa barbs are lightning fast, it's likely not fair to the danio.


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So many conditions will cause this that it's hard to say, but bullying is common barring no other symptoms. My money's on the Krib.


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Can we gat a pic?
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