What Disease Does My Molly Have?

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Hi fish friends!

My gorgeous black Molly has come down with some sort of white spot/fluffy patches. Lately she’s been spending a lot of her time at the surface. Prior to her showing symptoms of a disease, I noticed her gilllllllllllls were white on the underside, but not fuzzy. I’m not sure if they were like that prior.

I first noticed a patch of her scales that looked funny earlier this week. I assumed it was from the large male Molly pushing her around. Until a few days ago she was the only female Molly in my tank and she lived like that for a month or so. I had planned to get her tank mates but she is large and pushed the other fish around and I just didn’t get to the fish store soon enough.

Yesterday I added three packets of API fungus cure to her tank. It was the first day I really noticed her patches. I know the package says one packet for every 10 gallons and I have a 49 gallon tank, but the color the water changed when I added it was so alarmingly green I got very worried and thought it might be better to idle on the side of caution. Before that I did a 25% water change. After I also lowered the temperature to 80 F

As long as I’ve had her she’s been healthy and perky and lived at a fairly constant 82 F-84 F. That’s rather high, I know, but the tank is next to a window and all the fish seemed happy so I honestly didn’t see the need to lower it.

Today I got home and her condition had worsened. She’s swimming upright and looks perky but is still at the surface a lot of the time and her gills are beating very fast. This week I added two more females so she is getting to rest. She is still a good eater.

I did a 50%-60% water change, added carbon and the filter media as an effort to reduce the fungus medicine. I also added a bubbler (A lot of my fish were spending their time hanging around the surface, and I think I filled the water level so high with the water change i did last night that the filter is not incorporating enough oxygen into the water).

The fish look perkier and happier and spend less time at the surface as of now. No other fish show any signs of white patches. The nitrites and nitrates are both zero according to my API test kit.

I couldn’t get any good pictures of her but I found these images in on line that look extremely similar to her condition as it progressed throughout the week.

Picture #1 Looks like how her scales did earlier this week, it is a little worse than how she looked though. Hers was very faint and seemed to clear up after a day or so.

Picture #2 and #3 are basically her condition today.

Picture #4 Is just to give you an idea of what her gills look like now.

Thanks for the help in advance. I don’t jnow what’s wrong or how to help my poor fishy.



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I had something similar on my Molly but a lot worse it looked like her entire slime coat was peeling off it turned out to be a combination of ick and fin rot. If it's normally all black those spots are probably ick the other stuff could be a secondary infection of some kind
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