What did I find? - Marineland Eclipse PFE2?

  1. lbonini1

    lbonini1 Well Known Member Member

    Hi everyone! So I came across something really interesting on trash day recently, a brand new 29 Gallon High Aquarium with the weirdest hood ever.

    The only markings I could find says "Marineland Eclipse PFE2" and when I google this I find conflicting information all over the place about GPH and tank size, etc etc. So this is a pretty interesting little thing, the filter is built into the hood with a bay for filter media and another bay for a BIO-WHEEL.

    I didn't know these things existed but it's a pretty nifty idea! - This tank couldn't come at a better time either because I want to upgrade my Pearlscale from her 10 gallon Hospital to a bigger permanent home and maybe get her a Pearlie companion but I need to know...

    Will I need to scrap this hood, buy my own and use my own filter? I know I'm going to have to overfilter if I get a companion for her and maybe even overfilter for just her that's why I need to know what the GPH of this pump is...

    I know I need at least 290 GPH or more, so.... is this a scrap or did I find what I need?

    P.S. If it is a scrap situation is there anything I can do to help out the GPH and just keep her in it or is it absolutely NOT an option. I'm fine with the latter, just it is really interesting and i'd like to see it working.

  2. shadowfish

    shadowfish Well Known Member Member

    sounds neat,pics please
  3. OP

    lbonini1 Well Known Member Member

    I'll take some when I can but it's really quite interesting and a design I think could possibly be slimmed down a bit but still nonetheless works well..