What Could Be Wrong With My Mystery Snail?

  1. r

    r0b11n New Member Member

    I got 3 snails yesterday morning.
    A rabbit snail, tiger snail and a mystery snail. The tiger and rabbit started moving after like 6/7 hours. The Apple snail is still floating and doing nothing. Sometimes he's a little bit out of his shell, but he doesn't do anything. Is this normal? The other two didn't float. He doesn't smell bad. Is there something I do?
  2. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    If he was in transit for a while, then sometimes they won't move for up to 2 days. leave him alone. If you mess with him you will stress him more.
  3. munne16

    munne16 New Member Member

    This is a normal behavior for some snails. Leave him be he should come out after a while.
  4. OP

    r0b11n New Member Member

    It worked thanks!